Honda Power Equipment produces a wide range of water pumps for agriculture, construction, household purposes as well as for different services. Extremely powerful, easy-to-use and reliable pumps are available in four categories – for draining, construction, for multi-purpose use and with the possibility of water immersion.

Drainage engines by Honda are capable to pump not only clean but also muddy water and littered with various debris. Honda’s multi-purpose pumps can also dispense chemicals, which are widely used in agriculture and other spheres of industry. Water-resistant devices are used to pump water from wells and drowned mines.

Our online catalogue offers Honda GX petrol engines which are widely used in the industry, non-manufacturing business and common households. GX series are specifically designed for long and hassle-free operation in the most severe conditions. They are successfully used in construction, pressure washers, generators, water pumps, garden and agricultural equipment, different vehicles etc.

GX 390 is a powerful OHV engine, equipped with an air-cooled system, a cylinder positioned at 25° and a horizontal crankshaft. The maximum output power is 13 hp. The nominal operating speed at which the motor provides the greatest torque is about 2500 rpm. Some experts consider the torque value to be a more significant indicator than power. GX 390 is considered one of the most powerful engines of this line.

Honda engines are manufactured as a monoblock construction. Their operation is smooth and quiet, combining quality, reliability and efficiency. The motors are equipped with an upper valve and meet all the requirements of universal combustion engines as well as the strictest world environmental standards. The company has justly won a leading position in the world market due to a long experience in the sphere of engine and vehicle production.