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Majella O' Connell
Majella O' Connell
July 15, 2021.
John Mc Carthy
John Mc Carthy
April 17, 2021.
Great service helpful staff.
Tom Joe Daly
Tom Joe Daly
April 13, 2021.
john morrissey
john morrissey
March 23, 2021.
A good place for power washer and tools they now what they talking about good stuff 👍
Caroline O‘Neill
Caroline O‘Neill
January 6, 2021.
ned morrissey
ned morrissey
September 24, 2020.
Very professional, stock good equipment.
Mark Hamilton
Mark Hamilton
March 15, 2020.
Very helpful, fixed my problem for me over the phone . Thanks again
January 9, 2020.
Very nice bunch of guys. Very friendly and helpful. Top quality washers a pleasure to deal with. Will be back
December 4, 2019.
Great after sales
Graham Kennedy
Graham Kennedy
July 19, 2018.
Great support from the team at Triace.

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    Specialists in Power Washers

    A warm welcome to Triace, the home of specialists in power washers! At you will find the best power washers, tools and so much more for each and every trade! We have an extensive range of pressure washers available on hand to meet all of your needs. The top-class reputation of Triace makes us the perfect number one choice for businesses, farms and a diverse range of industries across Ireland. Our recognition for exceptional performance and reliability means you are guaranteed robust construction and the immense power that is needed to tackle even the dirtiest of jobs. If you are looking for small portable power washers, high-power trailer units, unique custom pressure washers or bespoke installations to meet any of your distinct needs then you are in the right place. Choose Triace for the very best solution.

    The Extensive Triace Catalogue

    At Triace, we have a wide range of pressure washers to meet your specific needs. Browse through our assorted selection of the best power washers. Our substantial catalogue is where you will discover electric, petrol and diesel washers, portable, static or mountable power washers, and additionally, you will also find fully branded forecourt washers too. When comparing our pressure washers to any of the competition, you will see that Triace stands out as one of the very best. Our power washers have the power, efficiency and versatility for undertaking any rigorous cleaning task. This is what makes our washers some of the best value in Ireland.

    Custom-Built Power Washers

    The Triace team is here to help you every step along the way. If you can’t spot a pressure washer that meets your specific requirements, then simply contact us and one of the members of our team will talk to you about our custom-built pressure washers. We advise that you also take a quick glimpse at our dedicated custom section to see a sample of our recent bespoke installations. We are here to help with any need you have and will happily discuss and assist with the design and manufacture of any type of power washers you may be interested in. From static truck gantries to mobile washers, our products utilize Triace’s revolutionary speed clean concept which provides rapid cleaning without compromise. If you are looking for quality, efficiency and power then you have come to the right place.

    Pressure Washers and Power Washers

    When it comes to selecting the best power washer for your household or commercial needs, you will have to consider which tasks you need to complete with your machine. Using a power washer (also known as pressure washers) is one of the most effective ways to clean outdoors and get to those hard-to-reach places. Power washers all work on the same fundamental principle. Initially, the water goes into the pump at low pressure, then the water is pumped out at a much higher pressure. This pressurised water allows the power washer to clean large durable surfaces with great intensity and ease. Choosing the best power washer for you makes cleaning that much more effortless. At Triace, we provide a wide range of pressure washers that meet the needs of agriculture, construction, commercial and domestic use in Ireland.

    Wide Range of Power washers for rent

    At Triace, we offer a huge rental selection of the best power washers and pressures washers for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for an electric power washer, a petrol power washer or a diesel power washer we have got you covered. In case, you are wanting to pressure wash your car, use a power washer for your patio slabs or simply get any dirt out of those awkward and out of reach places, then contact one of our experts today. We provide an extensive range of equipment that can be rented on a daily or weekly basis. Reach out to us today for your power washer renting needs.

    Electric Power Washer vs Petrol Power Washer

    When choosing whether to use an electric power washer or a petrol power washer, you need to assess what your personal requirements are and know what you need your pressure washer to do. There are various benefits to using both electric power washers and petrol power washers. You need to choose the best power washer for you.

    Electric Power Washers

    Electric Power Washers tend to be better suited for domestic use than petrol power washers. Electric power washers are lighter and quieter when being used. They are perfect for pressure washing jobs at home. An electric power washer is perfect if you have easy access to an electrical outlet. However, using an extension cable should be avoided when possible and caution must always be taken to not get any electrical or power connections wet.

    Advantages of using an Electric Power Washer

    • Light, powerful, quiet and easy to use.
    • Low maintenance machine.
    • Convenient to use when there is access to a close-by electrical outlet.
    • Works well for domestic cleaning and use.
    • Allow for easy storage.
    • There are no fumes.

    Disadvantages of using an Electric Power Washer

    • Lengthy cleaning time.
    • Lower water pressure.
    • Need access to an electrical outlet.

    Petrol Power Washers

    Petrol power washers are more commonly preferred and recommended for professional and industrial use. Petrol power washers tend to provide more power and are perfect when a power source is not available.

    Advantages of using a Petrol Power Washer

    • No power source needs, greater mobility.
    • More powerful and higher pressure.
    • Large area coverage.
    • Faster cleaning time.

    Disadvantages of using a Petrol Power Washer

    • Tend to make a lot more noise.
    • Require fuel.
    • Release of exhaust fumes.

    Petrol or Diesel Powered Pressure Washers

    If you are looking for mobility when browsing for a pressure washer then the best power washer for you will be petrol or diesel-powered pressure washer. Petrol is cheaper initially. However, running the petrol power washer may incur more costs over time. The cost of using Diesel will be cheaper long term. At Triace, we have petrol- or diesel-powered pressure washers to suit every cleaning need.

    Honda Power Washers for sale

    The world’s largest manufacturer of engines, Honda Power Pressure Washers combines the power from the universally trusted household name and the leading brands in power washing to produce an extensive range of reliable, powerful and easy-to-use power washers. Our Honda Pressure Washers are of exceptional quality and are sure to provide optimum performance, reliability and durability. These power washers are suitable for agriculture, construction or household use. All of your household or commercial cleaning needs will get met with reliable power from a Honda Power Washer. We have a Honda Power washer available for every need. Browse through our selection of Honda Power Washers that are for sale.

    Advantages of using a Honda Power Pressure Washer

    • Leading and quality manufacturer
    • Reliable and Durable
    • Very High pressure
    • Numerous added functions

    Pressure and Power washers for a Car Wash

    Cleaning your car no longer has to be a burden. Turn this once tedious task into a time and money saver with one of the available Triace power washers for your car. No more waiting in long queues or paying for a car wash. No need for the usual conventional garden hose, brush, bucket and sponge. The pressurised water of the power washer gets rid of any unwelcomed dirt, mud and other stubborn grit.  Make use of a Triace pressure washer and become a car wash expert! Using one of our high-performance power washers will allow for an effortless car wash in your own backyard that is even better than a professional car wash.

    Finding a Pressure Washer for your Car

    Power washers are perfect for washing the car. Keeping your car clean and in the best possible state will ensure that your vehicle is kept in a better condition in the long run. One tool that can assist in making the cleaning process quicker, more effective, easier and a whole lot cheaper is a pressure washer. A power washer is a worthwhile investment. But with such a variety of pressure washers to choose from, how do you find the best pressure washer for your car? The good news is that you can use both electric power washers and petrol power washers for your car. However, when washing your car, you’ll want to avoid any damage to your vehicle, the car tyres or any delicate paintwork. For this reason, it is recommended to use a low-pressure washer and for the perfect car wash making use of a car cleaning shampoo or detergent is ideal.

    Power Washers for Cleaning Patio Slabs

    Having a patio in your garden makes for the perfect outdoor entertainment area. However, it is crucial to clear your patio slabs to prevent and avoid an accumulation of algae and dirt. Making use of a power washer for cleaning patio slabs is a quick and easy way to get the job efficiently done.
    It is important to routinely clean your patio slabs but you need to make sure that you are using the correct power washer for cleaning your patio slabs. Different types of patios may require slight adjustments for your cleaning requirements. If you are unsure of what your specific patio needs are, then you can begin at more reduced pressure and slowly increase the pressure as necessary. You can use either an electric power washer or a petrol power washer for cleaning patio slabs. Feel free to visit our contact page to get in touch with one of our Triace Power Washer experts if you need help finding the perfect power washer for cleaning your patio slab.

    Bowser Pressure Washers

    Triace bowser pressure washers are ideal for portable pressure washing where a fixed water supply is unavailable or the water supply is difficult to access. The bowser power washer is perfect for farming, management of facilities and other industrial requirements. The sturdy design, high performance and endurance of these pressure washers make them the perfect power washing tool. Our Triace experts can assist you in selecting the best power washer for your needs.

    PTO Pressure Washers Available

    Farm equipment, houses and other surfaces are often unprotected and so are exposed to all sorts of debris, dirt, bacteria and mud. At Triace, we aim to assist you in keeping all surfaces spotless with the best power washers. It is for this reason that we designed and manufactured a high-pressure washer that connects to your tractor. Our PTO pressure washers make it possible for efficient use, anywhere and at any time. Make sure of the Triace PTO pressure washer when you need a swift, effective and reliable tool for your pressure washer needs.

    Contact us for your Power Washer needs

    You can order one of the many standard units that are available right here on our site through our secure shopping process, our you can get in touch with one of our specialists to discuss any of your bespoke and custom pressure washer needs.

    If you have any questions or need more information about our huge power washer catalogue or any of the range of products available at Triace then head on over to our contact page.

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