Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Power Washers

Maybe you’ve never had a power washer before, or you are looking for a replacement. But if you’re considering a new power washer, chances are you have a lot of questions.

The Triace team is here to give you the answers you need. Our FAQ guide will help you decide whether a pressure washer is a right purchase for you and what kind you should look for.

How do power washers work?

When water comes out of your garden hose, the water flows naturally. However, when that same water is pushed through a smaller nozzle or orifice, you’re not just getting regular water. It’s pressurised. This water concentration means that a pressure washer compresses the water and creates a more powerful stream. Best not use it in your garden for your delicate flowers! These washers are meant for large, durable surfaces on your property and will clean with greater intensity than any other device. These tools are generally powered by a pump that will also accelerate the speed of the water’s flow. You can find pumps that are powered by different sources including petrol and electricity. But when it comes to washing the dirtiest of your larger items, a pressure washer is an essential tool. Think about your car, patio, driveway, brick home, and much more. These items become dull-looking without proper cleaning. With a pressure washer, you’ll quickly have these cleaned and ready to go. The pressure you use for each job will vary. You can add power washer accessories to perfectly complete any cleaning project. That could include making your power washer lance extendable for cleaning gutters or drain cleaners.

What can power washers do?

Pressure washers clean using a highly pressurised water jet. You can also get power washer accessories that can enhance the cleanliness of certain objects. Power washer accessories can include a foam cannon, brush, extenders, and more.

With both a quality unit and accessories, power washers will create a safer environment for your family. Clean out those hard-to-reach places like your gutters, outdoor furniture, your car, or even your house’s walls. You’ll feel like your power washer did a thorough rinse of your entire property.

There are so many things that power washers can clean. But to give you a better idea, here’s a list of common places and items that might need a pressurised washing!

  • Vinyl or brick house exteriors
  • The floor of your garage
  • Driveways
  • Concrete
  • Tile
  • Your front door stairs
  • Outdoor walkways
  • Wood decks
  • Fences
  • Cars
  • Lawnmowers
  • Boats
  • Trailers
  • Dirt bikes

Power washers aren’t limited to only the items on this list. So ask a member of our Triace team if there’s something you want to clean with a power washer that didn’t make this list. We can tell you if one of our pressure washers can do the job!

Why buy a pressure washer?

Pressure washers are specially designed to wash just about anything using a high-pressure jet. This makes cleaning many items a lot easier to take care of.

And chances are that you either live in a house with a patio, gutters, fencing, or windows. You may own a car or even a boat. All of these are items that often go overlooked during spring cleaning or are extremely time-consuming to clean. But a power washer makes these cleaning jobs easier, faster, and more thorough. No more scrubbing carefully at each window pane when you can wash it clean in minutes.

Power washers also promote a clean and safe environment. Once you own and operate a pressure washer, you’ll start to notice a lot more places in your home that could use a good cleaning.

Take, for example, garden furniture. You may forget the original colour of your outdoor furniture after a while. A good power washing will show you just how dirty your furniture was and encourage you to keep your valuable pieces in the best shape possible.

Which power washers are the best?

When looking for a power washer, you want a good one that will last you as long as possible while getting any job done that you need it to.

Here are some things we recommend you look out for when purchasing your power washer:

  • Affordability. There’s a wide range of power washers. Some are cheap but may not actually perform at the best quality. On the other end of the spectrum, some washers are far too overpriced and may even be more powerful than you could ever need them to be. Somewhere in the middle, you can find an affordable washer that fits your budget and needs.
  • Power. Make sure your washer has the power to do the jobs you need it to do. For example, some light pavement and car washing will not require the same power as mould and mildew removal. So pick the washer for your cleaning needs.
  • Dealer. It is safer to purchase from a dealer that specialises in pressure washers. They can answer your questions and help you make the best selection. They can also offer services and advice as time goes on.
  • Quality. Do a little research for products that use high-quality parts. Triace is committed to building power washers with only the best parts so that your washer can avoid constant repair and last as long as possible.

The good news about washers is you can often find the power washer accessories to help your washer. If your pressure washer isn’t doing what you need it to, see if there are power washer accessories that can help!

Which is better, petrol, diesel or electric?

No one can give you a definitive answer about whether petrol, diesel, or electric is better. The question comes down to you: what do you need your pressure washer to do?

For example, an electric washer is great if you have easy access to a house socket where you can plug in it. Using an extension cable should always be avoided when possible. So if you won’t be leaving your patio or driveway, an electric machine can give you all the power you need cheaply.

But if you are looking for mobility, a machine driven by an engine is what you’ll need. So now you’re looking at either diesel or petrol.

Petrol is much cheaper to buy upfront, but running the machine may have more costs associated with it. Diesel, while more expensive initially, will be cheaper to run in the long term.

Beyond mobility, there are some other advantages to electric washers you should keep in mind. With an electric pressure washer, you can avoid fumes. That means they are safe to operate indoors. They are also quieter. And without the engine, you may avoid needing as many repairs or servicing.

And of course, you can’t forget about the convenience and price that comes with not needing fuel!

So really, it comes down to where you’ll be operating your machine, what you’re willing to pay for it, and how much you can spend on running it. There may also be more power to some, so you will want to examine the machine’s available pressure closely.

What power washer for cars?

When washing your car, you’ll want to use a relatively low-pressure washer. This way, you can avoid any damage to your car, vehicle paint, and tyres. You should use a pressure of 1000psi to 2500psi (100-160 bar) for washing your car.

If you normally use power washer accessories that increase the pressure of the water jet like a turbo nozzle, you’ll want to remove these for your car. Ensuring the right pressure is essential for cleaning your car safely. The wrong power washer accessories could be a problem for your paint and tyres.

However, for a deep clean, you’ll also need to make sure a high-quality detergent is given time to do its job. Look for a detergent specifically designed for cars. Make sure it has plenty of time to attack dirt by applying before and washing after. A foam cannon will really help with this step.

You can also use both electric and petrol power washers for your car. This should not affect your vehicle.

What power washer for patios?

Yes, you can use power washers on patios. However, make sure you are using the right washer for this area.

There are different kinds of patios, and your specific patio can mean you’ll need to make some changes for your washing.

For example, you can clean most patios at up to 3000psi or 200 bar. This is for solid patios. But some patios have sand that fills in the gaps between the slabs. In this case, a highly pressurised jet stream may disrupt the sand, causing damage to your patio. By simply reducing the pressure and not focusing the stream on the sand, you can avoid damage to your patio.

Washers that are both electric or petrol can be used on your patio. If you are concerned about your patio, you can always start at a lower pressure and increase as needed.

What power washer can I use without mains water?

Domestic pressure washers run at 3000 rpm. At this rate of speed, you’ll need to have a constant source of water. That means your pressure washer would need to be fed by mains water.

However, as your pressure washer gets bigger and the rpm gets slower, you can use another source. This is usually at about 1500 rpm. Here you can use a clean water storage container like a barrel. Or you can also use rainwater.

Keep in mind that it’s important to use clean water for your pressure water. This not only means cleaner water for hygiene (after all, why clean with dirty water?), but it is also better for your pressure washer.

Washers that are both electric or petrol can be used on your patio. If you are concerned about your patio, you can always start at a lower pressure and increase as needed.

What accessories should I buy for my power washer?

There aren’t any power washer accessories that are required for your power washer. You can use it as-is for many jobs. As time goes on, there are some power washer accessories you may enjoy having or need for certain tasks.

You can add all accessories to the machine well after purchase. So there isn’t an immediate rush to buy right away. However, there are certain power washer accessories you may want to have if you’re looking ahead to a specific job.

For example, a turbo nozzle is the best for the toughest of jobs. If you’re taking on severe mould and mildew, removing graffiti, or fighting stubborn stains, this may be what you need.

If you want your pressure washer to take on your gutters, you can purchase gutter cleaning kits and longer lances. Or use drain cleaning nozzles for any clogged sewer drains. And for those who want a shiny new car look for their vehicle, you may want to add a foam cannon onto your purchase.

Triace offers a variety of power washer accessories. If you’re not sure which accessories will help you best or what foam cannon to use with your Triace power washer, we can help!

What is a foam cannon?

A foam cannon is an accessory that attaches to your power washer and makes cleaning your car faster and easier. When the water is released, the foam cannon will aerate the water. The foam cannon can also deliver detergent or disinfectant to the vehicle or area.

Using a foam cannon means that the water and disinfectant come out as a thick lather. This foam cannon lather allows for a much better cleaning job and could extend the time between washes.

Add the foam cannon attachment to your power washer’s lance for an easy car wash that’s as good as the professionals. If you would like to use a foam cannon on an area that isn’t your car, contact the Triace team. We can help you decide if a foam cannon is a right accessory to use.

Can power washers be repaired?

The short answer is yes; you can repair power washers. However, you really need to ask if they should be repaired.

A high-quality power washer that costs you quite a bit of money can be repaired and should be repaired. This will prolong the life of your washer, meaning your purchase and repair costs offer over 10 years of power washing.

But there are also much cheaper pressure washers available. While you can also repair the cheaper models, sometimes the cost of a few repairs will equal what could have bought you a new power washer.

This will also depend on the repair that is required for your washer. But be aware of how much your washer costs and what repairs you are faced with.

How long do power washers last?

You may think about all the things that could use a pressurised wash and wonder how often you’ll be buying a replacement. There’s a lot to clean from your lawnmower to your garage floor. But does that mean you’ll need a new pressure washer every year?

Thankfully, power washers are not a regular purchase but rather a long-term, reliable tool. A power washer does need to be cared for properly. But when they are maintained, they can last at least ten years.

Here are some tips for extending the lifetime of your power washer:

  • Have your power washer serviced when in need of repair. The better your washer, the longer it will last. But continuing to run it when something is wrong will cut short the life of even the best power washer.
  • Use the right power washer accessories. Make sure your washer is equipped to handle any power washer accessories you add.
  • Use only clean, filtered water. Using incorrect water or adding bleach could corrode your pump’s seals, making it useless.
  • Protect your power washer from frost. With so much water that goes in and out of your washer, cold temperatures could freeze your washer. This will affect how it performs and could ruin your washer.

Not all power washers are made the same. With all the different models and designs, some will last longer than others. But with regular repairs and these care tips, yours can last you a decade and beyond.

Are power washers waterproof?

Your washer is splashproof, which means that any accidental spray that comes back to your washer will not cause damage.

However, it is not designed for prolonged exposure to water. So keeping it outdoors during a rainstorm could cause big problems for your washer.

Once you have your specific power washer, you can read the instructions to learn more about your washer’s tolerance for water. But in general, you should keep your washer stored in a dry place between uses.

You may also want to be careful about any power washer accessories you purchase. They will come with their own instructions, and you should verify that your foam cannon or power washer accessories are stored safely.

Can power washers easily damage a tyre?

No, power washers do not easily damage tyres. When used correctly, a power washer can easily clean your tyres quickly, effectively, and safely.

However, it is possible to misuse your pressure washer, which could cause some damage. Here are our tips for washing tyres correctly:

  • Use the correct pressure—ideally 100 bar or less.
  • Do not hold your washer too close to the tyre. Keep it at least 20 cm away from the tyre.
  • Using power washer accessories that increase the pressure could harm your tyre. So avoid these power washer accessories for the tyres.
  • Keep the nozzle moving. Keeping the jet stream in one place too long could apply too much pressure to your tyre.

If you’re not sure your power washer alone is doing the job, you can also use a foam cannon on your tyres. A foam cannon can disinfect your tyres for the deepest clean.

If you would like more information on the right power washer accessories and tips for tyre cleaning, make sure to ask our Triace team for more tips and tricks!

Can power washers damage car paint?

When it comes to power washers and car paint, it comes down to several factors:

  1. The pressure. If the pressure on your washer is too high, it could damage the paint on your car. Make sure that you are using the correct pressure washer and the correct pressure on your vehicle. This will typically be between 1000psi to 2500psi (100-160 bar).
  2. The water. With the pressure and the detergent used for your car, hot water is not necessary for a deep clean. And in fact, hot water could hurt your car’s paint. While hot water pressure washers are available, we do not necessarily recommend this feature for your car. For a deep clean, you can use a foam cannon with your pressure washer.
  3. Your car’s paint. Not all paint is made the same, particularly for older vs. newer cars. If your car’s paint is weak and old, a power washer may be too much for the delicate paint. However, a modern vehicle’s paint is likely to come out perfectly fine (in fact, shiny and new looking) after a good pressurised washing.

Damage to car paint is rare for modern cars if the right pressure is used. So make sure you are purchasing the correct washer for your vehicle, and you can enjoy getting the best clean for your car!

Do you still have questions about power washers?

We hope that we answered any questions you had about power washers. But if we missed yours, or you want to learn more about what power washers can do for you, our team is ready to help!

At Triace, we specialise in offering you high-quality power washers that will give you a cleaner, safer home. We know which washers are best for your vehicle, property, and other valuables, and we can help you pick the unit that’s best for you. We can also recommend accessories that will be best for your needs.

Give us a call or check out our website to learn more about our power washers.