An angle grinder to improve your skills

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An angle grinder to improve your skills

Modern electric tools and equipment facilitate the work of both professionals and workshop owners. Although most men adore having numerous instruments at their disposal, there is a universal tool that can effectively substitute a wide range of hand and electric devices.

The angle grinder is one of the most popular tools, which is used for all kinds of construction and repair work. Some decades ago a grinder was only used for polishing metal or wood. Meanwhile, the modern industry presents many different nozzles and attachments, producing more and more powerful grinders. Such devices can not only polish but can also cut almost all the materials – stone, concrete, tile, bricks and make flawless holes for wiring and pipes.

The main features

If you wish to choose a matching grinder, you should understand its capabilities, depending on specific technical characteristics. We will determine the critical criteria of these tools and their suitability for various activities. After reading this article, you will be able to choose a reliable grinder, which will meet all your construction and repair needs.

    • Disc Diameter

This is the main characteristic. It determines the depth of a cut or the surface area when grinding. The diameter usually varies from 100 to 300 mm, but the most popular models are 125-130 mm. The larger the disc, the more extensive the performance of your grinder is. Take a note, that manufacturers usually indicate the upper diameter limit, so if you buy a grinder with a 115 mm disc, you will not be able to use a 125 mm wheel for it.

    • Speed adjustment

This is a perfect feature for tile cutting. The tile, marble and plastic are cut and polished at medium speed. Most grinder models allow adjusting the rotation speed of the spindle, depending on the size of the disc used. The larger the disc, the slower the speed should be. Otherwise, your grinder can overheat or even break.

    • Smooth start system

The function of a smooth start is perfect for big powerful angle grinders. A powerful device consumes a lot of energy when it starts. Moreover, heavy stone nozzles are usually attached to it. A smooth start is necessary both for your device and for your electric system.

    • Safety shell and extra side handle

These elements make work convenient, productive and safe. The shell protects your face from chips and splinters. It can be adjusted depending on the work type and the attachments used. The additional handle is not necessary, but very convenient. In some models, it can be rotated to three positions – left, right and to the top.

    • Anti-jamming system

The system is activated when the disc is jammed in the material when cutting. The engine is stopped preventing traumatic situations.

The grinder types

Despite the common purpose and operation principle, there are several basic types of grinders depending on the power source.

      • An electric angle grinder is the most common type of this equipment. This tool is suitable for working indoors or in other places where the supply network is available.
      • Cordless grinders have a large handle where the battery is usually attached. Mostly they have small dimensions and can be equipped with 125-150 mm discs. The advantage of this type lies in its mobility. It can be used wherever you wish. The drawback of these grinders is that it requires recharging, so they are not suitable for continuous works.
      • Unlike other types of angle grinders, air grinders do not have a motor. The high rotational speed is created by applying air pressure to the blades inside the body. Air grinders require compressors. That is why they are usually used in car service stations and other industrial enterprises.

Final Thought

It’s noteworthy that non-professional angle grinders are suitable only for occasional works. If you plan to use your tool often and continuously, choose professional equipment like Sealey or Siegen. These durable angle grinders withstand heavy loads around the clock.

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