What about making a perfect place for relaxation?

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What about making a perfect place for relaxation?

Every cottage owner dreams to make his home a place to relax and get away from all the troubles outside. Water is a substance that takes away negative energy, calms our anxious minds, lowers blood pressure and makes us feel peaceful and safe. That is why a pond with a fountain is a perfect idea even for cottages with a small surrounding area. And if you don’t have any natural pond near your house, that’s not a problem as artificial pieces of water have their advantages. You can locate them anywhere you wish and make the definite depth you wish. A live overflow with cool splashes and the sound of water is a real highlight for a cosy wild garden as well as for a well-groomed lawn at the main entrance. At the same time, organizing a fountain is not a very complex task and will not ruin your budget. In this article, we will tell you the secrets of making a perfect pond and the nuances of choosing a good pump.

Some words about the design

As a rule, the greatest effect from fountain operation is achieved around ponds. In this case, the water jets fall directly to water and don’t moisten surrounding objects and plants. Naturally, if your pond is large, you can install a pump somewhere on the side.

You can also change the form and height of the jets by adding different nozzles to the pump tube. It is possible to make a sphere- or spring shaped fountain. A submersible pond pump can be installed either at the bottom of a pool or on a special stand. The pump tube can be decorated with stone, fibreglass, or ceramics.

There are many ways to decorate your pond according to the overall design of your garden or house. Classic, country, oriental or avant-garde style pond can become a bright addition to your landscape. Classic fountains usually have a dome-shaped stream in a round pool. If you wish for something exotic and your pond is quite large, you can make a curved coastline and an effective combination of 3-5 fountains with different nozzles.

If your pond a small, it can be a real masterpiece due to special accessories like lights and nozzles. You can decorate your fountain with various shapes and structures of stones. It looks magnificent when a pipe is inserted inside the stone.

An extraordinary romantic outlook has water pieces with lights, which are possible in three variations: constant monochromatic, multi-coloured and dynamic. The choice depends on your individual preferences and budget. Pond illumination is usually equipped with LED lamps, but you can buy solar lighting systems which are not only safe but also energy-saving.

The main elements for a good fountain system

The richer your fantasy, the more complex and original your pond can be decorated. You can install a fountain without any professional help after purchasing all the necessary equipment and accessories. So, the main elements are the following:

• Submersible or surface pump;
• Water circulation pipe;
• Nozzles for water jet formation;
• Remote control (if needed).

How to choose a matching pump for your pond

First of all, you should decide what fountain height matches your design and wishes. If you need a jet of about 1-meter height, choose a unit pumping no less than 800 litres per hour. Every user manual usually contains information about the possible jet height. Keep in mind that the most effective operation of a pump takes place when the jet height is 1/3 of the pool’s width. If you wish for a small fountain, a low power pump (of about 24V) will be perfect for your requirements.

Besides, take into account that hose and pipe sections also affect the performance. The smaller they are, the weaker the water jet will be at the outlet. Therefore, use ½ inch pipe for low power devices and not less than 1-inch tubes for high-capacity pumps.

Submersible pumps are installed on the bottom of a pond, but it is recommended to put them on some kind of a stand. A water jet shoots directly above the unit, and if you connect the hose, you will have a fountain wherever you wish. Specialists advise purchasing a system with a tee, as you can later decide to make a waterfall in your pool as well. If not, a tee is very convenient for pumping water when cleaning your pond.

The operation principle of a submersible pump is as follows: water flows through a filter into a circulation pump at the bottom of a pond and then is thrown through a pipe system to the surface.

The height of a jet depends on the pressure created by your pump and thus on its power. With the right choice of equipment and skilful installation, such a system doesn’t require any special maintenance throughout the season.

A submersible pump has its advantages. It is easy to install and is imperceptible. However, you should take it from the bottom at the end of the season. However, it is much more energy-saving than its surface counterparts. Besides, the proximity to the fountain nozzle allows you to avoid power losses and by that saves electricity and your budget. On average, a submersible pump consumes 30% less energy than the surface unit of the same power.

What about the waterfall?

A waterfall in your pool or pond is another pleasant option for your relaxation and design. A conventional surface water pump is suitable for making a waterfall. But keep in mind that for ponds and natural water pieces a pump for dirty water is required. The particles of soil will inevitably fall into the pond and damage the filter as well as the whole mechanism if your pump is intended for clean water.

When it is better to use a surface pump

The surface water pumps are used if you plan high and complex structures in your design. Some people like surface models for their power and easy maintenance. However, we should mention some disadvantages. First of all, you can’t leave this mechanism in the open air. It is necessary to mount a special box to protect the pump. And of course, the container shouldn’t look ridiculous against the background of your garden. Moreover, such water pumps are quite noisy, so the box should be also soundproof.

You should also know that surface pumps should be installed close to the pond, as hoses and pipes with different nozzles reduce system capacity.

When choosing a water pump for your pond, please remember, that units for waterfalls should produce a large volume and low pressure, while the devices for the fountains give large volume and low pressure. If you plan to buy one pump for two solutions, then you should specify which model is capable to provide two different pressures and volumes simultaneously.

Final Thought

Your desire to invigorate your garden with murmuring water and fresh coolness shouldn’t be restrained by fears of a complex construction or high cost. Triace shop offers reliable and affordable water pumps to make your dream come true. Look through submersible or surface water pumps in our catalogue. If you don’t know exactly the power or other features you need, please feel free to contact us and our managers will help you choose the right branded device.

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