A Log Splitter for Your Home and Industry

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A Log Splitter for Your Home and Industry

Most cottage owners often deal with preparing logs for stove, fire or burner. Even if you have never chopped wood, you might have heard how hard this work is. Fortunately, modern technologies give us a chance to optimize our work, make it convenient, effective and easy even for a non-athletic person. In this article, we will speak about a log splitter, consider its advantages and main tips to choose the right equipment for your household.

What is a log splitter?

A log splitter is a special machine used for chopping wood. Logs are fed by a piston to the splitting wedge where they are cut into two or more parts. The operation principle of a log splitter is rather simple: a sharp metal cleaver splits chocks due to engine power. According to the type of wood splitters they are manufactured mechanical, petrol and electric. Electric devices are in great demand in Triace shop as they are the most compact, easy to use and eco-friendly. Depending on the loading type the splitters can be horizontal and vertical, with a hydraulic or screw feed.

What type is the best for you?

If you are on the edge of buying a log splitter, try to determine your purposes and conditions of work. You should also know the exact characteristics, advantages and drawbacks of different models. So, let’s dive in.

What is a hydraulic splitter?

Hydraulic log splitters are very popular due to their user-friendliness and effectiveness. Its performance features are equally suitable for both home use and industrial needs.

The main unit of the device is its engine (petrol or electric). It is the engine, that influences the suitability of use in different conditions of work. While operating, a motor rotates a hydraulic pump, which creates a large downforce causing operation simplicity and high efficiency of the equipment. All you should do is load a log into the chute or a holder depending on the type of your splitter (horizontal or vertical).

Electric or petrol engine?

Models equipped with a petrol motor are mainly considered professional. They are more powerful and are designed to perform the most complex tasks. Moreover, they are more complex in operation and maintenance. Petrol engine splitters are usually used for mass production of firewood or at a sawmill. Such units are often bought if there is no access to mains. An electric splitter for home use has many advantages. These units are simple, powerful and can produce up to 8 tons of firewood depending on the model. They are very easy to maintain and cost less than their petrol counterparts.

What construction is more convenient?

Depending on the method of loading the logs, splitters are divided into two types – vertical and horizontal. In the case of a horizontal unit, the logs are loaded in a special chute and the cleaver is located on the opposite side of the working mechanism. The key features of this unit allow quick loading, making the work easier and safer. The devices with a vertical feed are equipped with a special holder and the cleaver falls from above. The vertical log splitter is more often used in the professional field, in industry or at a sawmill.

Besides, when buying new equipment, pay attention to the possibility of its height adjustment. This feature will allow reducing the load on your back. Physically weak people should give preference to a horizontal log splitter.

Final Thought

Without any doubt, it is necessary to concern the brand of a log splitter. A good manufacturer is a guarantee of a long uninterrupted operation of your equipment as well as your safety. Sealey log splitters are manufactured for extensive loads in various conditions. If you don’t know exactly the model you need, our managers are ready to give you the best technical advice concerning your individual demands.

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