Hydraulic Press is a Must Have for Every Car Repair Shop

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Hydraulic Press is a Must Have for Every Car Repair Shop

The number of vehicles is increasing every year, which causes the regular emergence of car repair shops. Thus, the competition in this field is quite high. The best car repair station provides fast, high-quality service, which is impossible to do without modern, high-quality equipment and tools. If you don’t want to waste your money and lose clients, choose reliable equipment for your workshop at the initial stage of your business.

A well-organised car repair shop can’t do without a hydraulic press. Let’s reveal all the peculiarities of this unit and determine the main tips to choose a matching hydraulic press for your business or personal workshop.

What is a hydraulic press?

A hydraulic press is a device allowing to compress and reshape materials and details. The machine transmits the force through fluid from a cylinder with a small diameter to a cylinder with a large diameter. The magnitude of the force increases as many times as the piston area of the second cylinder is larger than the piston area of the first cylinder.

The first unit was created at the end of the 18th century and was used for squeezing juice, oils and packing hay. With the industrial growth, such kind of presses was used for forging, die forging, straightening and pressing materials. Modern car repair shops use a hydraulic press for bending and compressing materials, bearings, silent blocks. It is also widely used in gearbox and engine repairs.

The main types

Hydraulic presses are manufactured manual and foot-operated. Manual units are divided into two groups:
• Manual benchtop units are suitable for such elements as gears, pulleys, bearings.
• Floor manual presses are better for repairing such units as gearbox, suspension and car engine.

The experts of Triace shop agree that the floor constructions are more stable and functional. Such presses have a wide range of desktop adjustments which makes it possible to work with details of various sizes. Benchtop units can lift up to 15 tons and are perfect for private workshops.

Floor hydraulic presses have a larger range of carrying capacity – up to 150 tons. Such devices are used in large car service stations for assembling and disassembling units, bending and straightening, replacing bearings and silent blocks, repairing chassis, as well as perform calibration, firmware, stamping.

How to choose the right hydraulic press

When purchasing a hydraulic press for your garage or business, pay attention to the essential features of the device and its equipment. The press usually consists of a frame with a bed, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic pump and manometer. In some models, the pump and cylinder are replaced with a hydraulic jack. Most presses are of 5-30 tons capacity. However, heavy-duty industrial models have a higher load capacity. If you choose a unit for your garage or a small workshop, 15 tons are quite enough for most tasks.

Some models can be equipped with a pressure gauge (manometer), which is essential for adjusting the force to be applied. This small accessory is especially crucial for heavy-duty machines. Besides, the automatic return piston will reduce the physical efforts of the master.

The type of installation is another significant feature. Floor presses are more stable and multi-functional, but if you purchase a device for home use, such equipment will not pay its way in your case. It is better to choose a universal benchtop model which will satisfy all your requirements without depleting your bank account.

And the last, when buying a hydraulic press, ensure that the frame is manufactured of thick steel. If the design is fragile, the maximum load threshold will be reduced affecting the whole operation negatively.

Final Thought

Triace online shop gives you a perfect opportunity to equip your garage or car repair shop with the most effective and durable devices. Moreover, our catalogue provides a wide range of consumables and accessories for your equipment. You will never have trouble finding spare parts for your tools. Contact us and our experts will help you choose a matching hydraulic press responding to all your needs.

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