Helpful advice for first time generator users

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Helpful advice for first time generator users

Generators are an excellent source of backup power, and many people make use of them at home, in work, or in a remote environment. But if your generator isn’t well maintained, that backup power source could easily fail.

So how do you ensure that your generator is kept in tip top shape?

Stock up on filters and oil

If you’ve selected a Triace petrol generator you’re going to want to stock up on oils and filters to get you through a long power outage. The majority of new generators are going to need their first change of oil around 25 hours in. Once this is done, a change of oil is going to be every 50-60 hours.

Let it cool before filling

Generator fuel tanks are found on top of generators – but that is both a blessing and a potential curse. If you spill fuel on a hot engine, it’s going to mean disaster. So take some time out and let the engine cool off before you even think about refilling. Pour slowly and avoid filling the tank all the way to the brim too.

Old fuel is bad news

The most common cause of generator breakdowns is stale fuel. It’s recommended that you add a little stabiliser to it to reduce your risk of fuel breakdown and build up, but this doesn’t guarantee you won’t come across a problem. Use the generator until it’s out of gas, and if you know you won’t be using it again anytime soon, drain the tank.

Lock it in

You’ve spent a lot of money on a generator to power your home in an emergency. Don’t put it at risk by not securing it. They’re hot targets for thieves so lock your generator down to your lawn using a chain and pole when in use.

Longer cords are better

Generators are loud machines, and if you’re powering your home through the night, they’re going to keep you up. That’s why we recommend investing in a longer cord so that you can put some distance between your home and the generator.

At Triace we stock a number of generators suitable for a variety of purposes. If you would like to browse our stock, visit our generator page.


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