Triace Knows How to Choose a Good Jack

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Triace Knows How to Choose a Good Jack

No matter where you repair your car – in your garage or at the service station, it is hard to imagine such works without a jack. When choosing a jack it is worthy to concern some factors: car weight, dimensions, the periodicity of use, work conditions, your physical abilities etc. So, let’s discover the nuances of choosing a perfect jack, its types and critical features.

Main types of jacks

Manufacturers produce various types of lifting equipment, each of which has its specific features. The most important characteristic is the type of drive of the lifting device. It can be:
• Mechanical
• Hydraulic
• Pneumatic

Mechanical jacks

Mechanical jacks are the most simple and cheap devices. They are suitable for lifting small cars and require sufficient physical effort. Such a unit is usually kept in a car’s trunk for any case.

Hydraulic devices

Hydraulic jacks are the most popular solutions providing a combination of functionality and affordable price. There are two types of such devices:
• Single rod
• Telescopic jack

The telescopic mechanism consists of two or more parts and can raise a car to a great height, which simplifies the repair and details replacement.

Hydraulic jack ensures excellent stability. It is compact and easy to use. Some models are operated manually; the others are equipped with a motor.

A rolling jack is a hydraulic device with four wheels and a lever or handle. This unit is perfect even for vehicles with low ground clearance. The rolling jack is a professional mechanism, which requires a flat and stable surface. The device takes some space for operation, but it raises even trucks.

Bottle models can handle 1-50 tons. As the name shows, this type of jack resembles a bottle and is used mostly for trucks due to its high carrying capacity and high vertical dimensions. Most car bottoms are lower than the height of a bottle jack. However, these devices are one of the most durable and stable. A mechanic can safely stay under the huge truck without any risk.

Pneumatic or air jacks

These models resemble a rubber cushion that is pumped with air. Such jacks provide excellent stability due to their large footprint. The primary requirement for this device is air supply. In a workshop or at a service station it can be achieved with the help of a compressor. If the breakdown happened on the road, the exhaust gases of the vehicle could be used.

Pneumatic jacks also include a pit jack or pneumatic traverse. It is used for chassis repairing and alignment adjustment.

The disadvantages of pneumatics lie in the need for a compressor. Moreover, the chamber can be damaged by a sharp object, so working with it requires extreme caution.

The main criteria for choosing the right jack

After you decide on the type of product, you should concern the standard features which are the following:
• Load capacity. It is better to choose a device with spare capacity. For example, if you work with vehicles up to 20 tons, choose a jack with a 25 tons capacity. Otherwise, your device will continuously work for wear and will quickly fail. However, too much reserve is a lousy idea entailing extra expenses.
• Lifting height. This feature shows how high the jack raises the car. The simplest models raise the vehicle for only 3-5 inches. Such jacks are perfect to be kept in your car’s trunk. Concerning the car workshops, such figures are not enough. Rack and pinch jacks are suitable for evacuation trips, while bottle jacks are perfect for trucks.
• Steadiness. Always choose a model with a broader base. Steadiness ensures your safety and life.
• Working stroke. The higher the amplitude, the faster a car rises. Pay attention to the range of stock operations. Of course, the price of such devices increases, but the convenience and effectiveness of work also rises.
• Minimum pickup. Choose low rates so that the jack fits even under the loaded car.
• Dimensions. This feature is not so important for a workshop, but if you choose a jack for your car’s trunk, this is not the last point.

Final thought

If you still have some doubts about the jack you need, feel free to call Triace specialists. Our experts will help you choose the best lifting device for your works, whether you are the service station owner or buy a jack for your personal needs.

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