Top Fails for Battery Sweepers

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Top Fails for Battery Sweepers

Battery Sweepers scrub floors and leave them sparkling afterwards, that’s their job, if you buy right in the first place, your sweeper should leave the best possible results.

Unfortunately this isn’t always the case. Purchase a sweeper in error, without doing your homework first, and you are only going to cause problems later on. Your moment of madness could leave floors looking dirty, greasy or unhygienic, all for the sake of picking the wrong machine.

What should you look for though, when you buy a battery sweeper, to prevent epic fails in the future?

Here are some ideas to get you started, as we highlight the things that could wrong.


Turn a battery sweeper on and you fully expect it to whirr into life and be ready to get to work. This is a no-brainer, you’ve just bought the machine so at the very least, it should be good to go when you want it to. Reliability is a must for floor cleaning equipment, without this you have no confidence in the sweeper. Check reviews if possible, and read product descriptions to ensure the machine you buy won’t let you down when you need to clean a floor.

Non-Adjustable Brush

Powered sweepers have to cope with a variety of working conditions and no two floors are the same. So it’s useful if you can adjust the main brush on the machine, this gives you greater cleaning flexibility. Buy a sweeper that comes with a fixed brush and there’s no wriggle room if you want to alter the specification.

No Battery Life Display

Floor Sweepers are usually powered by battery or petrol engines, used indoors, battery powered options are best. These are typically 12 volt units, they come with a charger, and this ensures you have a machine that’s ready to roll whenever you want to clean a floor. Look for a machine that displays the battery level so you can keep one eye on how much power the sweeper has, just in case you forget to charge it up.    

Hard to Control

What’s the use in buying a floor sweeper if the machine is difficult to use? Do this and you are simply throwing money down the drain. People won’t be able to clean floors properly – they’ll struggle with the machine, and find the controls complex, difficult and hard to understand.

Get to grips with the operational features of a floor sweeper before you make a major decision. The floor scrubbers we sell at Triace are very easy to use, so contact us if you want to invest in new cleaning equipment.


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