Five handy garage uses for air compressors

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Five handy garage uses for air compressors

Most workshops use air compressors in some shape or form. Compressors are useful items of kit, they’re suitable for a range of different tasks, and used correctly, they make light work of mundane workshop duties.

To give you some idea of the full scope of air compressors, we list some of their most practical uses, and suggest ways in which you might want to use them, within a workshop setting.

1.) Paintwork Preparation

Need to strip a body panel back to basics, remove old paint, and reveal any signs of rust? Blast the surface area using compressed air and special types of grit, shotblasting is a popular surface preparation technique that strips away outer layers and reveals bare metal underneath, ready for filling, priming and painting afterwards.

2.) Cleaning Parts

Want to remove dirt and foreign objects from hard to access mechanical parts? Use an air supply to blow away debris and remove stubborn objects that would usually be hard to shift. Small bursts of compressed air are very effective at removing dust, dirt and debris, it’s a useful ally if you want to thoroughly clean mechanical parts prior to fitting back on a vehicle.

3.) Power Tools

Air is a useful method to power tools in a garage. Tools such as wrenches and sockets, saws, sheathes or nibblers can be powered by air, run lines around the workshop and it provides easy access to a power supply, whether you are cutting away body panels or undoing mechanical nuts and bolts.

4.) Tyre Pressure

Garages use compressors to inflate vehicle tyres, making sure they are set to just the right pounds per square inch. Push an airline onto a valve and in a matter of seconds the tyre will be inflated to the recommended setting and the vehicle will be ready to roll.

5.) Automotive Painting

Bodyshops use air compressors when they are applying primers, base and top coats of paint. The paint mixture is sprayed directly onto vehicle panels, air supplies speed up the process, and a good compressor will help you get the job done in half the time.

Whatever you plan to use a compressor for, make the right choice when you buy workshop equipment, and choose one of our quality products here at Triace.


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