A Tool Trolley Provides Efficient and Convenient Work

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A Tool Trolley Provides Efficient and Convenient Work

Every workshop owner or car service mechanic constantly faces chaos, when the tools disappear in a remarkable manner. If there is too much work or clients waiting nervously, you concentrate on your job without noticing where the tools are. Even a large instrument can be lost and you will have to buy the new one.

A good tool trolley will solve the problem, providing convenient working conditions and easy movement through all the workshop zones. In this article, you will learn the main advantages of using tool trolleys as well as key principles of choosing this indispensable equipment.

The most popular types of workshop trolleys

The trustworthy manufacturers understand the need and requirements of workshop owners. That is why most tool trolleys are compact and mobile. However, the models differ from each other greatly serving various purposes.

• The simplest trolleys resemble a racking with a tabletop and wheels. They are light and very easy to move. In spite of their simplicity, some models have heavy-duty construction.
• The most universal units are equipped with both shelves and drawers to store small tools and consumables.
• Modular trolley can obtain additional functionality due to auxiliary hardware elements.

What advantages you will get from purchasing a trolley

Without any doubt, all the tools and consumables can be stored in numerous boxes or stationery chests. However, such an organization leads to regular fruitless searches throughout your workshop. That is why a mobile trolley with drawers is considered the best solution for effective work. Triace shop offers a perfect range of trolleys for both enterprises and home use. Here are some of the pros:

• The trolley provides centralized tools’ storage. You save space in your garage providing order and thereby accelerating the rate of work.
• Some Sealey trolleys are equipped with locks. Thus, when you move your chest from place to place, the contents of the drawers and containers will not fall out.
• All the instruments will be kept in a safe and dry place, being free from corrosion and damage.
• The trolley will make your space ergonomic saving your time. You can take your chest to any point you need, rolling it easily.

Key tips to choose a good tool trolley

Triace online shop offers tool trolleys of Sealey brand – one the most popular manufacturers of durable equipment. In our catalogue, you can choose a perfect tool trolley according to your needs.

So, the first thing to be concerned about is carrying capacity. Choose a chest taking into account the number of your instruments and equipment. And pay attention to a product description. If a trolley is intended to carry 70 kg, don’t overload it in order to save your equipment.

Another point concerns materials and coating. All Sealey trolleys are manufactured of durable steel with a thickness of 1-2 mm. Such models have extremely rigid construction, which does not warp with the lapse of time. The powder-polymer coating is considered the most durable for industrial furniture and equipment today.

Some Sealey tool trolleys are equipped with tabletops, which can be used as workbenches with side handles for moving convenience. A container beneath the tabletop can be used for storing consumables and other items.

If you’ve got used to moving with your tools around your workshop, it is better to purchase a trolley with wide wheels. Such kind of wheels is usually equipped with ball bearings, oil-resistant polyurethane tires and blockers. The latter accessory allows fixing the trolley on any surface.

And the last point is the type of drawers’ guides. The guides can be roller and telescopic. The latter ones are reinforced with ball bearings and operate smoother.

Final Thought

Every workshop owner wishes his tools and equipment service for many years without being damaged or lost. That is why it is so necessary to maintain the instruments properly ensuring good storage conditions. The Sealey tool trolley from the Triace catalogue will become an indispensable assistant for any master, preventing him from searching tools throughout his garage or car service and improving his work.

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