Top Tools to Keep in your Car

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Top Tools to Keep in your Car

Can you honestly say what’s in the boot of your car right now? Apart from a few reusable shopping bags, what tools do you store in the car, to use in emergency situations? A socket set from Triace is a good starting point and you might want to include some of these items too, just in case you get into a spot of bother at any point. 


A roll of sticky duct tape is a pretty useful accessory to keep in your car at any given time. You never know when this will come in handy. It’s brilliant for temporary fixes after minor parking prangs, and you could use it for a quick fix on an engine hose, to see you through until you can get the vehicle to a garage.

Booster Cables

If a battery fails for whatever reason this can be frustrating and leave you stranded. This could be caused by something as simple as leaving an interior light on, without realising it, all the power in the battery will drain away.

Keep a set of booster cables in the car in the event of an emergency and you could ask a kind person if they wouldn’t mind giving you a jump start, to prevent a total catastrophe.

Tow Rope

Hopefully you’ll never be in the unfortunate position to break down in your car, if you do, fingers crossed, you’ll be a member of a breakdown service. Say you’re not though, suppose your vehicle was stranded and you had no choice but to get a tow home, how would achieve this feat?

Leave a tow rope in your vehicle. Just tuck it somewhere in the boot, and it could save you a small fortune in recovery costs.

Emergency Triangle

If you do manage to break down at the side of the road, alert approaching vehicles of the danger by using a small warning triangle, you can place it a few metres to the rear of the vehicle, and give fellow motorists plenty of notice to take avoiding action.

Socket Set

A multi-functional socket set can be useful to store in your car too. Parts can work their way lose from time to time, especially interior trim panels on older types of cars, with a socket driver handy, you’ll be able to perform minor repairs before they become major problems.

There’s no need to totally fill your car with tools, however, a few carefully selected items from Triace could keep you motoring along, take a look at our complete range of hand tools and garage equipment.


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