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Choose a Perfect Diagnostic Tool with Us

Without any doubt, modern vehicles are quite complex devices. A conventional visual inspection is usually not enough for an exact comprehension of the car’s condition. Luckily enough the industry offered us special hi-tech diagnostic tools, which can identify the problems of your vehicle. Today such gadgets are available both for car service stations and for private workshops.

Operation principles

The principle of working with a diagnostic system is simple. The tool is equipped with multiple contacts, some of which are closed in the process of diagnostics. Then the codes are read and decoded according to the manual. In most cases the connection interface is serial. If you connect the device to the data bus (Controller Area Network) between the blocks of your vehicle, you can get fully comprehensive information about the condition of your vehicle, as well as precisely determine the specific characteristics by decoding the sensor data. For this purpose, a special program is installed on your scanner, including an extensive database of parameters. A distinctive feature of a diagnostic tool is the possibility of a general assessment of all the nodes’ conditions, taking into account the mutual impact of the problems. With the traditional scheme, when each parameter is examined in turn, it is impossible to get such exact results.

Diagnostic tool types

• Brand auto scanners are not expensive devices that are suitable for a particular brand. These devices don’t give exact results and are good for private use.
• Multi-manufacturer diagnostic tools are the most popular gadgets since their functional qualities allow you to check different brands of vehicles. The choice of such scanner should be based on brands and models you plan to service, the depth of diagnostics, the age of cars and the characteristics of the tool itself. For example, some devices are equipped with a multi-touch display and a camera.
• Dealer scanners are manufactured by automakers and are used in dealerships for one particular brand. Such diagnostic tools are the most expensive and are distinguished with the maximum possible functionality.
Since the new technologies are improved and widespread in the last decades, various protocols and interfaces are used to automate the process of diagnostics.

What diagnostic tool to choose

Choose a scanner according to your individual conditions of work. The devices can be conditionally divided as following:
• By application: professional, semi-professional, for home use;
• By the car model: brand, multi-manufacturer and dealer;
• By communication interface: cable, Bluetooth, wi-fi;
• By software platform: Windows, Android, iOS, universal;
• By the display type: with a built-in display or using an external display device (laptop, tablet, smartphone).
The reliable scanning tool allows not only to diagnose all vehicle units but also to flash electronic components (change the software or update it, reset functions, reduce fuel consumption, etc.)
When choosing an auto scanner, you should clearly determine your needs and requirements. If you are the owner of a specialized service station, the best pick for you is a multi-manufacturer tool with a variety of functions and options. Such devices are able not only to identify errors but also to eliminate them in control units. Having the appropriate scanner and software, the number of serviced car brands can reach 150 items.
You shouldn’t also forget about the portability criteria. If you prefer a high functionality level (especially important for workshops) you can buy a stationary diagnostic unit. Meanwhile, portable diagnostic equipment is a better pick for individual use.

Final Thought

If your service station claims a high status of cars maintenance and repair, you are strictly recommended to save on technical equipment. That is why all reliable workshops are equipped with dealer or multi-brand scanners. Triace shop offers well-known Sealey equipment, which will contribute to your business development and success.

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