Troubleshooting for compressed air spraying

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Troubleshooting for compressed air spraying

Paint shops use air supplies to spray a wide range of vehicles. As long as the compressor used is powerful enough and reliable, this is a straightforward task in the hands of an experienced bodyshop professional.

Most of the time paint guns are used during the spaying process, the operator wears protective clothing, breathing apparatus, and other safety gear; they work the gun gradually over all areas of the vehicle bodywork, until every panel has been painted.

This is fine, unless minor niggles affect the painting process, this is when the project grinds to a halt. It might help to understand some of the issues pertaining to spray painting in this instance, and we cover the basics in this simple troubleshooting guide.

Top Spray Paint Fails        

Lack of base materials

You need paint and a means to apply this material before you can apply surface coatings. If the air supply is good and your spray equipment is working perfectly, the only thing that can hinder the project is a lack of paint! Experienced sprayers ensure they have enough paint to complete the task before they start spraying panels, only amateurs run out of base materials.

Lack of air supply

Got plenty of paint? That’s good, say there’s no air coming out of the spray gun though, what could be causing this problem?

Check the air supply from the compressor.  To enable the compressor to work, the power must be on and all hoses or airlines should be connected correctly. Check clamps, and feel for leaks if there seems to be a shortage of air, a simple fix could be all that’s needed.

Is something obstructing the air supply?

Having checked all airlines and eliminating problems in this area, could there be another reason your air gun isn’t working and failing to spray paint?

In most instances this can be caused by something as simple as a blockage, this can be resolved by cleaning the gun out, paying close attention to the nozzle section. It’s a good idea to thoroughly clean equipment prior to completing painting projects, to minimise the chances of this happening.

Careful preparation is the key to successful spray painting. A good starting point is to choose your compressor wisely, and we have plenty in stock at Triace.


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