A Good Welder Makes a Great Workshop

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A Good Welder Makes a Great Workshop

A welder is an indispensable tool not for enterprises only. It is a fantastic device for every private workshop, which significantly reduces the cost of repairing the house, vehicles and other equipment.

Every welding enthusiast will tell you that as soon as you first make a piece of welding work, you find yourself in a fascinating world that absorbs you and makes you improve your skills. And of course, the quality of weld greatly depends on the equipment used. An experienced master knows which model to choose, while a newbie may get confused with the welding abundance in the modern market. So, what welder to choose? MIG, ARC or TIG model? Gas or No-Gas? What power and brand? Let’s dive in…

The main welding technologies

There are several different welding technologies, which share one common principle. An electric arc heats metal edges to be connected, making them melt. Then the surface cools leaving the strong and durable weld. But you should know the difference between the welding types to make the right decision when it comes to picking the best welding technique for your individual case.

So, the most common is MMA or Manual Metal Arc welding with coated (or stick) electrodes. The arc ignites between the material and the melting electrode, which forms a weld. The coating of the electrode also melts, producing gases and slag, which in their turn shield an arc and the material from oxygen. This method is used for different metals, including stainless steel and cast iron. Such welders are often used in home workshops due to their price and ease of use.

Another method is Tungsten Insert Gas or TIG. This welding process involves a non-consumable electrode in an inert protective gas environment. It can be carried out with manual or automatic feeding of welding wire or without it. Since argon gas as a shielding gas is most common, such welding is often called “argon arc welding”. It is often used for steel and aluminium alloys. The experts admit that the TIG weld is of the highest quality but the process is slow and requires certain skills and experience.

MIG/MAG (Metal Inert/Active Gas) is often used in car service stations and repair shops due to an extremely thin weld. It is used for welding steel and aluminium alloys with electrode wire in a shielding gas medium – inert (argon) or active (carbon dioxide). The welding principle resembles the TIG type but uses a special wire fed along the welding sleeve and the arc is ignited from the wire. Such equipment is considered to be the most productive in the welding industry.

Our online Triace shop also offers universal semi-automatic spot welders, which are very popular for home use and car body repair. Some of these devices are designed not only for spot welding but also have the function of restoring the geometry of a car body due to heating and drawing with various nozzles.

Transformer or Inverter?

The welders are presented as transformers and inverters according to the method of forming the current for arc ignition. Both types can be single- and three-phase can have direct or alternating current. Transformers are not expensive, but they have some drawbacks. The main disadvantages are big weight and size, as well as an “unfriendly interface”, which can stress out all the welding neophytes.

Inverters are compact, convenient and user-friendly. They are often equipped with electronic circuits and simplify the ignition o the arc and ensure its stability. Of course, they cost much more than their counterparts. That is why transformers haven’t still superseded inverters.

Some other nuances about welders

One of the most important features of any electric tool is certainly power. The real power of a welding machine is determined by the current value, which a welder can produce. 130-200 A is perfect for a private workshop.

Concerning gas and gasless MIG welders, it is up to you what to choose. If you purchase a gasless system, you should just buy wires with a flux core. In the process of burning these wires produce a gas shield around your welding process. If you are the owner of a gas MIG welder, then you may use non-shielding wires, without caring about oxygen. Our Triace catalogue contains Sealey welder models, equipped with Gas/No Gas technology. Such installations are more expensive, but paying once, you save your money many times.

Final Thought

We hope that we’ve managed to arrange all the main features of welders for you to make the right choice. The main thing is not to hurry and consult a professional if you have some doubts. Triace managers are always waiting for your questions and feedback. We will help you to choose the best welder, which will meet your requirements and expectations. And never forget about the means of protection – welding masks and special clothes are necessary to secure your face and body.

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