What does one need for perfect car painting?

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What does one need for perfect car painting?

Car painting is an integral part of every car service as it gives a perfect appearance to every vehicle. However, it is a job that requires specific skills and high-quality equipment. Only the most modern technologies in alliance with good paint and experienced craftsman can provide smooth application and lasting effect. Whether you are the owner of a large service station or a small auto repair shop, you definitely cannot do without the right tools and consumables. So, let’s try to investigate the peculiarities of different car paint accessories.

Spray gun

A spray gun is a portable device used for dye spraying applying compressed air pressure. Such a method allows you to get a smooth and uniform paint layer, which is impossible to achieve when working with a conventional brush or roller.

Spray gun bodies are usually made of aluminium with a nickel-plated coating that is corrosion-resistant. Most manufacturers supply their devices in convenient plastic cases with optional accessories (a pressure regulator, for example). The other essential element in the spray gun construction is sealing gaskets. Proper sealing is especially crucial in low-pressure sprayers. Moreover, many paints and varnishes contain solvents, which can damage gaskets. That is why reliable sealing should be made of Teflon or high-quality rubber.

Spray guns come with an upper and lower can position. There is no fundamental difference between these models. It is a matter of your personal choice. The same concerns the material of a spray can, which can be plastic or metal. The latter one is easier to rinse, but it is not transparent. Nylon containers allow monitoring the paint consumption.

Spray guns types

The main types of spray guns are the following:

• HP spray guns provide high airflow and high pressure at the outlet. HP is typical for universal spray guns, which are perfect for small workshops are home use.
• LVMP devices: low airflow and medium outlet pressure ensure smooth paint application and save up to 15% of paint.
• HVLP spray guns: high airflow and low outlet pressure is suitable for applying thin layers of paint and save up to 30% of paint.
• LVLP type: low airflow and low outlet pressure ensure perfect paint spraying. This technology is the most economical and environmentally friendly since it reduces paint consumption by up to 35%.


The compressor is the indispensable equipment for all the pneumatic tools including spray guns. If you are the owner of a small workshop, a 50 litres tank and 8 atmospheres are quite enough for your tasks. The experts of Triace shop advise buying a 2-cylinder compressor, which is more durable, less noisy and does not overheat. Also, choose a compressor with a capacity of 200 litres per minute for the LVLP system and not less than 360 l/min for HVLP spray guns.

You should also consider that if the compressor capacity is insufficient, good spraying is impossible. The compressor should provide higher pressure than is required and the air volume should be sufficient.

Industrial dryers

Triace shop offers a range of perfect industrial dryers. You can choose air dryers with adjustable airflow or infrared panel dryers, emitting short waves ideal for paint drying. With the help of such devices, you can reduce the time of paint drying as well as dismantle plastic elements, remove stickers and mouldings very quickly.

Other accessories and consumables

Some elements of the spray guns system are subject to excessive wear. Therefore, it is better to have some extra units at hand for quick replacement. The most common consumables for spray guns are:

• Repair kits
• Hoses and connectors for them
• Nozzles for guns
• Oil and air filters
• Cleaning brushes

Each of the abovementioned accessories has various types for different spray guns models. That is why it is better to consult a specialist to choose matching consumables in the case they are worn.

Final Thought

So, the choice of a spray gun and all the accessories are quite complicated. Your purchase depends on various factors – the type of paint and its density, the intensity and duration of work, the kind of compressor you have etc. Triace online shop offers durable Sealey spray guns and everything you need for effective car painting and drying.

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