How to make a perfect workshop in your garage

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How to make a perfect workshop in your garage

Most car enthusiasts consider their garage to be their shelter, a place to embody their ideas and dreams and to relax after a routine day at work. Men spend a lot of time here, inspect and repair their vehicles and store tools. If your garage is well-equipped and space is ergonomically used, it will become a perfect workshop for various creative and useful tasks.

Essential tips to arrange your garage

For most men garage is not only the place to shield a vehicle. It is a space for diagnostic works, repairs and various other tasks. If you wish to make your garage a multi-purpose zone, follow our useful tips.

• Make a separate repair zone. You will be able to maintain, inspect and repair your car. You can install racks for storing tools or purchase tool chests or trolleys.
• A small seating zone is also critical. You may be tired in the working process and should have someplace to relax. An armchair or a compact sofa will be perfect for your garage.
• Don’t forget about a washbasin.
• A significant point: ensure the proper temperature, maintain the recommended humidity. These factors are essential for your vehicle to avoid condensate formation and metal corrosion.
• Observe the necessary distance. Keep about 1-meter free space around your car. In this case, you’ll be able to maintain your vehicle comfortably.
• Good ventilation and interior decoration are also vital.
• It is also important to calculate the power to be consumed by the devices in your workshop in order not to overload the wiring.
• It is also necessary to ensure sound insulation of the room to reduce the noise generated during the operation.

Storage principles

Metal racks, trolleys and chests are used to store various consumables, tools and materials. Such devices withstand heavy weights and do not require special maintenance.

Another important thing is to ensure fire safety in case you store flammable substances. Use metal fire-resistant cabinets or shelves with drawers.

There are hundreds of options for how to equip your garage. The most common are welded metal frameworks with metal or wooden shelves. Such constructions are quite strong and durable but also very heavy, so it’s better to make them static. There are also sectional racks that can be dismounted and moved anywhere you wish. You can change the height of such construction by adding or dismounting some additional sections.

If there is a basement in your garage, then you shouldn’t clutter it up with various old things (broken tools, cans, old tires etc.). This space can be used for equipment or devices which you use seldom or seasonally. It will save many places in your garage for critical everyday tasks.

Organising a servicing pit

Of course, not every garage is equipped with a servicing pit. However, the pit is necessary for maintaining your car. Here is some useful advice to make your inspection pit convenient and safe.

• Walls and floor should be made of concrete.
• The edges need to be strengthened with iron corners.
• Cover the pit with sturdy boards, fastened together.
• Think about an effective lighting system for your servicing pit.
• You can make several niches in the pit walls to make the space more ergonomic.

Thanks to a well-organized inspection pit you can make a diagnostic, replace some details, repair the undercarriage.

Some words about a good workbench

Our online Triace shop offers perfect workbenches which can be equipped with one or several pedestals with a different arrangement of shelves and drawers. Such workbenches are used to fulfil various repair tasks as well as to store tools. A protective panel with perforations can be attached to the wall over your workbench. This attachment enables placing all the necessary tools at hand. You can equip it with hooks, small shelves, holders for wrenches, screwdrivers, tape measures and other accessories.

If you are going to operate with heavy metal details, choose a universal or vice bench. Such a table consists of a durable frame and a shock-resistant steel-coated tabletop. You can work with a sledgehammer on it, weld, cut and fulfil other intensive tasks. Such workbenches can carry out loads of up to 600 kg.

There are also workbenches-transformers, which can be folded, moved or transported somewhere else easily. Such devices are not so durable, but they have some special advantages. If your garage is small, a transforming workbench is a perfect pick for you.

Heating and Lighting

When we speak about a workshop in your garage, lighting should be given special attention. Good lighting depends on several factors:

• The space of your garage
• Type of lamps
• Number of working areas

In addition to the standard lighting, it is recommended to install lamps above the working zones. Your workbench and large equipment should be illuminated brightly.

One of the most important places in your garage is a servicing pit. It needs powerful lamps. When planning a lighting system, it is necessary to foresee the presence of lamps with cable extenders so that you can inspect your car in all the places possible. LED lighting allows you to save on electricity consumption without compromising on quality.

Remember, that it is vital to lead the ground if you work with such powerful tools as a compressor station, welding equipment and other high-power instruments.

If you are going to work in your garage in the cold season, think about the heating system. Triace shop offers a perfect range of heaters. Choose one of the following heater types: fan, convector or infrared. Sealey devices are very convenient and powerful.

An excellent workshop is a safe workshop

A garage or a workshop, like any other technical room, should comply with the following rules:

• The space for movement must be twice as large as the workplace.
• If you have some electrical equipment, don’t forget about security. It is necessary to have a fire extinguisher and to ground all the static machines.
• The floor of your workshop should be flat for the stability of furniture and equipment.
• A garage space should have proper ventilation. Especially if some of your materials are toxic or have strong odours.
• Such combustible liquids as petrol, paint coatings, solvents should be kept away from tools that may cause a spark during operation.
• It is vital to have a first aid kit with all necessary medicines in your workshop.
• Remember about your safety. Always wear a protective mask, gloves or a respirator if necessary.

The most necessary tools for your workshop

If you need to replace the wheel or twist something under the hood, it will be enough to have a jack and a standard set of tools. But if you have more complex tasks, you need more specialized equipment.

We offer you the list of the most essential tools for your workshop to fulfil car repair works as well as building and other types of tasks.

• Workbench
• Welder
• Woodworking machine
• Pneumatic or electric tools (screwdrivers, drills, wrenches)
• Grinder with different nozzles
• Electric saw
• Hot air gun
• Glue gun
• Various consumables: sandpaper, nails, screws, nuts, bolts etc.

Final Thought

When we talk about a private garage, we do not mean the place for vehicle storing only. Car owners use their garages for multiple kinds of tasks, install lathes, keep various tools and equipment. We’ve told you how to equip a functional and ergonomic workshop in your garage. Visit Triace online catalogue to purchase everything you need for your work and hobby.

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