Tips for using a forecourt water tower for the first time

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Tips for using a forecourt water tower for the first time

Routine car maintenance ensures you enjoy worry-free motoring, no matter how miles you cover per year. Check the oil, water and tyre pressure of your vehicle on a regular basis and not only will this keep you safer, it should reduce the chances of your car breaking down or requiring mechanical attention in an emergency.

One useful way to top up windscreen water reservoirs is to visit your local petrol station where you’ll find an air and water tower. This is something we supply at Triace and to help you use this type of equipment we suggest you follow our lead.

Five forecourt water tower steps 

Step 1 – Before you visit the garage in question make sure you know where the water reservoir is located in your car’s engine bay.  This isn’t as crazy as it sounds. Pass your test and you can buy your first car, this doesn’t mean you are an expert on vehicle mechanics though. Simple checks like topping up windscreen water reservoirs can flummox drivers that haven’t done this task before.  Water reservoir bottles are located in the engine bay, they usually have a blue or yellow flip-off flap, and you’ll notice a symbol on the lid showing a windscreen with water spraying on it.

Step 2 – Once you know where to locate your windscreen washer reservoir you can top it up at the water tower. Start by parking your car next to the tower making sure the water reservoir is within easy reach. This is important, park too far away and you only make life difficult for yourself.

Step 3 – Next, raise the bonnet of your vehicle and ensure it is secure, then flip the flap off the reservoir bottle before depositing any money into the water tower. Put money into the machine too soon and you’ll only waste vital minutes. Once you have opened the flap on the water reservoir, enter the right amount of money into the machine, lift the handle/trigger fitting that is attached to the water hose and carefully tuck this inside the lip of the reservoir.

Step 4 – Place the spout of the water machine into the water reservoir and you are finally ready to give the trigger a gentle squeeze. This will start a flow of water pouring into the reservoir. Now all you have to do is fill the container until you see water reach the ‘maximum’ indication level clearly visible on the side of the bottle and you have finished the task.

Step 5 – Carefully place the water dispenser back into the machine and shut the bonnet of your vehicle making sure it’s closed firmly into place.

Done all that? Drive away and keep your windscreen clean by squirting all that freshly-filled water straight onto it!


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