The Real Reasons You Fail at Vacuuming

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The Real Reasons You Fail at Vacuuming

We stock different kinds of wet and dry vacs here at Triace. The options we have available are well-suited to all types of domestic and commercial applications, as long as you use them correctly in the first place, they’ll keep flooring pristine and clean.

Part of the problem when it comes to vacuuming is user error. People just don’t get how to vacuum properly and they do half a job as a result.

Do you know how to vacuum the right way?

Here are some tips!

Get the technique right

Smooth even strokes are best if you really want to comprehensively clean your carpet. Go up and down the carpet in set lines making sure you don’t miss any of the fibres. Use the tracks you make in the carpet as your guide and you shouldn’t miss any dust particles.

Go right up to the edges

Most modern upright vacuum cleaners are designed for optimised cleaning, this means you can run them alongside skirting boards and next to fireplace hearths sucking up dirt and grime from the edges as you go along. Ignore the edges at your peril. After a while dirt starts to accumulate in this area and can really show on lighter shades of carpet.

Move objects

Don’t vacuum around objects if you can move them without too much trouble. Pull them to one side, give the carpet a clean and place items back into their original position. Leave them where they are and not only is this lazy, your carpet will be hiding a host of germs and bacteria.

Use tools and attachments

Take the time to use the tools and attachments that come with your vacuum cleaner as standard. They are made for a purpose – to get into all those hard to reach nooks and crannies! Wands and hoses, plus specialist push-on tools ensure you clean all areas of your carpet whenever you decide to vacuum.

Pick the right setting   

Finally, check the depth setting on the vacuum cleaner before you start clean your home. Certain floor coverings are deeper than others. Plush carpets for example have a profound pile, whereas laminate flooring or linoleum is much thinner, and requires a different type of setting. Symbols on the control functions of the vacuum should help you choose the right setting mode.

There you go, simple advice to help you vacuum like a pro in the future. If you require vacuum cleaning accessories at any point all you have to do is contact us here at Triace.


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