Common Reasons for Car Breakdowns

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Common Reasons for Car Breakdowns

We have so many items of garage equipment at Triace and offer so much choice it’s pretty hard to pick one value for money product from the next. From ratchets to socket sets, allen keys to coil spring compressor sets, we stock multiple tools used for car maintenance purposes, and our prices are hard to beat.

All the products we stock are perfect for car maintenance. Fail to maintain your car and you run the risk of breaking down at some point, which got us thinking, what are the common causes of roadside breakdowns?

To give you some idea, here are some of the more obvious reasons cars splutter to a halt at the side of the road.

Fuel Issues

We can’t stress this enough, always check your fuel level before you embark on any journey. Running out of fuel costs time and money. If you’re lucky you can fill a jerry can up at a petrol station, in the worst case scenario, you’ll have to call a breakdown service.

Other fuel issues involve putting petrol into a diesel car and vice-versa. Always check the type of fuel prior to filling up to prevent this from happening and you requiring a system drain.

Battery Issues

Faulty batteries are another mechanical issue that could cause a breakdown at any point. Sometimes the battery isn’t charging correctly, in other cases the clamp is loose, from time to time the unit has simply weathered with age and it’s time to get it replaced.

Plenty of garages offer to test your battery for free and replacing the unit is very simple.

Flat Tyres

Punctured or damaged tyres and wheels are other reasons to call roadside breakdown services. Although you can’t exactly predict when a puncture is about to happen, you can do your bit towards tyre maintenance by checking the tread and condition of the rubber on a frequent basis.

Our advice is to keep tyre pressures at the right level and make sure you have a working jack and wheel lug handy for future emergencies.

Plus, it’s not a bad idea to have a small selection of tools in your car that could be useful in breakdown situations and this is where we can help you.  We stock garage equipment from leading brands such as Toptul and Sealey here at Triace with competitive prices guaranteed.


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