How to get your patio ready for spring

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How to get your patio ready for spring

Winter is coming to an end and that means we’re one step closer to enjoying time in our back gardens… and being outside in general! We’ve put together the best ways to get your patio looking its best for the spring season.

Clean it

First things first, you want to get your patio looking clean! ‘What’s the best way to do that?’, you may ask. And the answer to that is to get a pressure washer to it! A pressure wash can completely transform your patio or decking – it will look brand new in no time at all. It will remove any dirt, dust or grime, giving you the perfect base to work from to create somewhere you want to spend those sunnier afternoons and evenings with your friends and family.

If you’ve got fences or sheds in your garden, make sure you give them a clean too. They probably would have suffered a little over of the cold, winter months, so give them a bit of TLC. Rinse them down and you’ll be surprised how much difference it will make. Once they’re clean, you can even add some extra paint to the fence to make it look brand new, or if you just fancy a colour change.


Next up is plants! Embrace the sunny seasons by filling your patio’s borders with colourful plants and flowers, and getting some plant pots for extra decoration too. Not only will it really brighten up your garden, it will also be another fantastic hobby for you to take up. Gardening is especially fun in spring and summer because there is such a wide range of plants and flowers in season.

They are such a simple addition to any garden or patio and don’t have to require a lot of effort either. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time looking after and maintaining the plants, you can be clever with the ones you choose for your garden. If not, pick up some garden decorations that require no effort whatsoever!

Garden chairs

There’s little point in creating a lovely area for you, your family and your friends to enjoy if there’s nowhere for you all to sit. Dig out your garden chairs from the shed, rinse them down (here’s where your pressure washer can come in handy again!) and get them out.

If you don’t already have a set of garden chairs, they’re definitely worth getting. You’ll notice a huge difference in how much time you spend outside in your garden enjoying the sunshine. Plus, it will give you more excuse for social gatherings too (or just to show off your newly decorated garden)!


Talking of social gatherings, there’s no excuse not to have a BBQ on your patio once winter is over. If the sun is out, the BBQ should be out. Even if you’ve got no plans to use it straight away, having it there will give you the incentive, particularly when the unpredictable weather sees a sunny, warm day.

BBQs are a perfect summertime event for friends and family, and can be a really easy catering option too. Put a few burgers on the grill, get some garden games out, sit back on those garden chairs, and enjoy!


Once you start spending more time in your garden, it’s a great idea to have some form of storage for all the things you’re keeping outside. The cushions for your chairs, the umbrella for your table, garden games and all of those BBQ tools – give them somewhere to go! You want to put them somewhere where they’re easy to get out, but can be protected from the rain, wind, or whatever else the weather throws at you! A simple box would be suffice, and could even double up as somewhere to sit too.

So, how will you prepare your patio for spring and summertime?


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