Deal with Fallen Leaves Like This!

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Deal with Fallen Leaves Like This!

Are you still picking up leaves this autumn? Although the weather has turned a darn sight chillier lately we are still technically in autumn and that means coping with all the leaves that still continue to fall from trees.  Left as they are, many turn to mulch and form a slippery coating on paths and driveways, step on them and it’s quite easy to lose your balance.

A good power wash will remove anything slimy after you have picked up leaves. Plus these labour saving tips and tricks will almost certainly help.

Clear leaves as soon as they drop

One of the most effective ways of preventing this problem is to clear leaves away as soon as they fall, but this isn’t always as easy as it sounds. You need to devote time to the process, and depending on how large your garden is it can take quite a while to pick up all the fallen debris and place it into the green recycling bin.

Better still, have a strategy in place that not only leaves your garden leaf-free, it clears paths from slippery reside at the same time.

We can suggest a number of ways to deal with the deluge of fallen leaves, and some of these suggestions would make a great starting point.

Invest in a decent garden rake

Without a garden rake you are going to make life harder for yourself, especially if you are trying to collect a large pile of fallen leaves from lawned areas. A rake will help you gather the leaves quickly without breaking your back and this will make lighter work of the task in hand.

Buy plenty of bags

Stock up on garden waste bags before you start collecting the leaves. Buy a big roll and this will prevent you running out of bags half way through the clear up which is really frustrating.

Use a Tarp

One great idea is to brush or rake leaves straight onto a tarp or lightweight sheet, you simply gather the outside edges together and can move a massive pile of leaves in one go.

Get help

The more help you can find to clear up leaves the better! Make this a fun process for all the family, get the kids involved, you might find they kick the odd pile of leaves, they are certain to dive straight through them at some point, but at least it’ll make the task less arduous and you might just have a giggle together.

Try a leaf blower

A leaf sucker/blower is a useful piece of kit to buy if you live in an area surrounded by trees.  Invest in one this autumn and it’ll certainly prove its worth as it blow leaves into one easy to pick-up pile.

Collect leaves this way this year, and if you find some of the debris has started to rot away on pathways and they are causing a slippery, mulchy mess, power wash the area to prevent slips and trips, we can provide you with the perfect product here at TRIACE Ltd.


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