3 ways to remove graffiti from your property

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3 ways to remove graffiti from your property

Graffiti can look great and in some rare cases can add to the value of a property.

There are a few artists out there that can make graffiti look great. And in some rare cases (Banksy being one) a piece of graffiti can actually add to the value of a property.

But most of the time it’s an eye sore. An unwelcome guest on the walls of city buildings, and removing it can be tricky.

If there’s graffiti on your property that you’d like to remove, read on. We’re going to give our top tips for graffiti removal.

What has it been applied to?

The surface the graffiti has been applied to will dictate the method used to remove it. It’s easy to damage the material it’s on if the wrong technique is used to clean it. Brick, stone, street signs, bus stops, wood glass – these are just some of the materials you can expect to find graffiti on.

How has it been applied?

Most think of spray paints when talking about graffiti, but there are other methods of application. Some spray, but others might use markers or apply with paint. The amount of time the graffiti has been on there will play a huge role in how difficult it is to remove too.

The removal methods

So now you know how what the graffiti is on and how it was applied, you can start to look at the different removal methods. Each one of these proves to be effective, but depending on your requirements, one of them might prove more suitable than the other.

  • Pressure washing – This is often one of the most effective methods. Providing your pressure washer is up to the job of course. Using water with a combination of solvents, the pressure washer will literally blast the graffiti off the surface. Beware though, pressure washing can sometimes damage or wear the surface beneath the graffiti down.
  • Paint out – This proves to be a much cheaper alternative. If the graffiti is on a smooth surface that can be painted, then this could prove your best option. Simply paint over the area that has graffiti on it. It’s safe too. No chance of damaging the surface.
  • Chemicals – Solvents often prove to be extremely effective at removing the paint. And the stronger the solvent, the more effective it’ll be. But you must remember that there are safety concerns when working with certain chemicals so take care. Make sure you pick the right solvent for the surface too. Otherwise it could leave some pretty ugly stains.

If you’re looking for an adequate pressure washer to remove the graffiti on your property then get in touch with us today!


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