Power washing a car part 2

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Power washing a car part 2

Wondering what to look for when choosing a power washer for your car?

In part two of our car cleaning blog we explore a few of the power washer features that come in useful when you clean vehicles.

Here’s what to look for…

1. Variable jet settings

Don’t buy a pressure washer unless you can adjust the nozzle for the water jet. Alter the jet settings and clean delicate areas of the car without worrying too much about the paintwork. Pick a model where you switch from a fine mist to a high-pressure wash simply by twisting the nozzle.

2. Switchable nozzle

Think about those hard-to-reach areas when you are power washing a car. Some pressure washers come with clever nozzles that enable you to change the direction of the spray. This is handy when you are cleaning difficult areas such as wheel arches to remove mud and grime. The more flexible the features are on the nozzle the easier it becomes to clean the car.

3. Long hose

Having a long hose is useful when you clean a car so give yourself plenty of room for manoeuvre in this area. Pick a washer with a long hose and you won’t struggle reaching all areas of the car or run the risk of catching the bodywork.

4. Wheels

You need the maximum amount of movement when you power wash a vehicle so look for a washer that comes equipped with wheels. Don’t drag the washer around the car, wheel it instead and take the strain out of cleaning the vehicle.

5. Built in detergent tank

Find a washer that has a soap bottle or detergent tank attached to it to keep things simple as well. If the tank is attached you can clean the car in confidence and be able to monitor detergent levels at the same time.

Trust us, a power washer makes car cleaning simple. In part three of this blog we’ll look at a few dos and don’ts to help you when you are washing the vehicle.


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