Top tips on spring cleaning your car

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Top tips on spring cleaning your car

Winter is out and spring is slowly creeping in, so it’s time for that spring clean! We’ve got some top tips for you to get your car ready for that Easter weekend away…

Tidy up

First things first – get everything out your car! That means clearing the entire main body of the car of any coats, jackets, maps, rubbish and other bits and bobs that have made their home there. This way, you know you can get a deep clean and won’t have to hoover around every obstacle. Don’t forget your boots and side compartments; you’ll be surprised what you find in these places.


Your next thing to do is get the vacuum out to clean all the carpets and fabric seats in your car. If there are some tricky stains in the fabrics or carpets, use a quality upholstery cleaning product to help gently remove it. For those people with rubber car mats, hose them down with a pressure washer to cut through any build up of dirt and grime – easy!


When it comes to washing the console of your car, you should be careful not to use too much water or cleaning solution. Your car’s dashboard can get especially dusty; simply use a wet cloth to clean it off, and do it frequently to prevent it building up so much over time. Remember to dry everything thoroughly using a dishcloth or similar.


All it takes is a sunny day to see just how mucky your car’s windows are. You can easily get rid of the smears and marks all over them by using a pressure washer. Word of warning: make sure they’re closed tight otherwise your car could get very soggy seats.


If you’re cleaning the car yourself, you’ll probably want to pick a nice, sunny day to do it. Rinse it first with a pressure washer, and then apply the detergent to help loosen any dirt or debris from your car with a brush. Finally, rinse off the loosened dirt and any excess soapy suds with your pressure washer. Your car will look as good as new in no time!


If you’re looking to go all out with your spring clean, you should consider using car wax. Not only does it add a nice shiny coat, making your cleaning job look even better, but it also seals the paint and protects your car from paint chips and any contaminants.


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