Power washing a car part 1

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Power washing a car part 1

Power washing is a fast and effective way to clean your vehicle. Use a power washer and it’ll take you half the time to clean the vehicle than it would if you used a bucket of soapy water.

Take care cleaning the car and it should leave sparkling results, we’ve covered the basics of vehicle cleaning in our next post.

Tips to help you clean a car with a power washer…

Step # 1

Give the car an initial blitz with the pressure washer to remove the top layer of dirt. Turn the nozzle on the washer so the spray provides good coverage without the risk of damaging the paintwork. Gently go over the bodywork taking extra care around wheels and wheel arches where dirt is more likely to build. The top layer of grime should quickly disappear and in a matter of minutes you’ll be ready to move onto the next stage.

Step # 2

Apply the detergent. Use a good quality cleaning detergent and go back over the entire car keeping the nozzle at a moderate setting. Gently work your way around the car covering all panels and glazed areas, you should see the dirt start to disappear. Don’t labour too long on stubborn areas, cover the whole car in cleaner and leave problem areas until later.

Step # 3

Add a brush attachment after you have covered the car in cleaner. Then go back around the vehicle paying particular attention to stubborn sections of dirt you might have missed earlier. A soft bristled brush attachment makes short work of grime, save the wheels until last to avoid transferring grit to the paintwork.

Step # 4

Rinse the vehicle with a high-pressure wash. Blitz away soapy suds and this should leave your car sparkling and grime-free afterwards. If you see any dirt that has been missed, a quick wipe off with a sponge should do the trick.

Step # 5

Dry the car. You could leave the car to dry naturally but we recommend manually drying the vehicle with a chamois for the best results. Run the leather over all surface areas and keeping wringing it out so it mops up all of the moisture. It’s a good idea to open the doors of the car to wipe the inner sills afterwards, you might want to do the same around the boot area too.

Take a step back once you have finished drying the car to admire your handiwork.

Looks good doesn’t it?

Come back soon to read part two of the guide…


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