Tackling Graffiti the Power Wash Way

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Tackling Graffiti the Power Wash Way

Graffiti artists class their work as an expression of speech or so the theory goes. Try telling this to the poor soul who has just discovered their property has been defaced by a ‘work of art’ and don’t be too surprised if you get a heated reaction.

Bubble writing and tasteless tags leave a nasty aftertaste, what some view as art, the vast majority will simply view as a major deface of a surface area.

Still, at least you can get rid of unwanted scrawl on the walls of your property by power washing the entire area to remove painted scribbles this way.

Picking the right chemical

For any graffiti removal to be effective the right types of chemicals have to be used. This isn’t a lucky dip, mixing up chemicals or trying a cocktail of cleaners will only result in a poor outcome, so the best products should be considered for the job.

Considerations to make when choosing cleaning chemicals include:

  • Is it safe?
  • Has it been recommended?
  • Will it work on the surface area?
  • Is it appropriate for power washers?

Carefully consider the products available to use for the purpose of graffiti removal, a detailed search online will reveal a number of chemical suppliers that provide specific solutions suitable for cleaning all types of surfaces, from brick to stone, woods to plastics.

Look for big brand suppliers that have received good testimonials from previous customers, this should give you a general idea of what to look for chemical-wise, and most importantly, what’s going to work!

Finding the right power washer

There’s no point in finding a brilliant chemical to remove ugly graffiti if you haven’t got a washer to back it up with. Obviously the model you choose needs to have the appropriate pressure to be able to remove painted motifs in the shortest possible, and in the safest possible way.

Thankfully we have just the machines here at Triace, our high pressure systems are perfect for graffiti removal and we can provide you with stacks of advice if you need help choosing the right machine.

Take a look at our powerful pressure washers and if you want assistance at any point simply call us on 025 32577 for friendly advice.


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