Quick Seasonal Tips to Winterise Your Car

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Quick Seasonal Tips to Winterise Your Car

Well the weather has been predictable throughout the summer months with hardly any sign of sun. In just a few weeks autumn will be upon us and that’s a positive thing, at least it gives you time to pay attention to your car and get it ready for the winter.

Act in plenty of time and you’ll be prepared for rain, hail, sleet or snow, just pay close attention to the tips we are providing you with here at Triace, and should you require garage supplies for vehicle maintenance at any point, check out our stock online.

Quick Winter Car Care checklist


Check the condition and the function of your wiper blades. Lift each one up in turn and run a finger along the rubber, can you see any visual signs of wear of tear? If the blades smear water across the screen instead of clearing it away, change them so they’re ready to cope in the biggest downpours.


Nights and mornings are darker during the winter. Therefore make sure front and rear lights are working, including headlights, side lights, front and rear fogs, brake lamps and direction indicators. Ask somebody to help you do this if necessary. You can always park the car with the rear facing a large glass window and check the function of the brake lights through your rear view mirror.


Check each tyre in turn ensuring the tread depth is more than 1.6mm deep across three-quarters of the tyre width. If you spot signs of bulging on the sidewalls of the tyre, notice splits, cracks or foreign objects embedded into the rubber, get the tyre examined with a view to having it replaced.


Autumn is a good time to look at fluid levels within the engine. Check coolant levels and top up with anti-freeze where necessary to prevent the system freezing up during cold snaps.

Screen Wash

Add screen wash to the water bottle inside the engine compartment. This contains a quantity of alcohol and should prevent the water freezing when temperatures start to plummet.


The winter months are cruel to car batteries. People use lights, window demisters, interior heaters, heated mirrors and seats – this has a huge drain on battery life. Have your battery tested prior to the winter months. This will ensure the battery is charging okay and has enough power, otherwise you might jump into the car one morning, turn the ignition over, and nothing will happen.

These are our seasonal car care tips from Triace. Use them wisely this winter to prevent breakdowns and misery at the side of the road.


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