How to pressure wash a fence the right way

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How to pressure wash a fence the right way

During spring it’s a good time to take stock of your garden, look at the areas that need addressing and create a plan that will rejuvenate the area in time for summer. Areas such as paths, decking and fencing might be looking a little forlorn but you’ll soon have them looking shipshape with a little bit of care and attention. 

Pressure washing is a great solution if your garden looks a little grubby after the winter. A thorough blast with a high pressure hose will soon have wood and stone surfaces rejuvenated, use these tips to help you pressure wash a fence.

Check the fencing first

Before you start any high pressure cleaning check the fencing for signs of damage. Power wash a fence that’s a little bit rickety and the water will tear it apart.

Replace any rotten panels

Perform a check on the fence and it gives you the ideal opportunity to replace any rotten panels. Look for loose or damaged parts that are beyond salvation. Make sure the fence is strong and sturdy prior to doing any cleaning.

Don’t stand too close

Maintain a good distance away from each panel as you start to pressure wash. Too close and you might cause damage to the wood, much to your annoyance!

Use even strokes

Go along each panel using even strokes. Once you get the first section of fencing out of the way you should have a bit of a flow going and start to see each section being transformed in front of your eyes.

Leave to dry

Once you clean each section of fencing leave it to dry thoroughly afterwards. As the moisture disappears the wood will start to look lighter and should appear clean and bright.

Treat the fence afterwards

Now the fence is nice and clean it’s a good time to treat it with a wood preserve. Protect it throughout the various seasons, whatever the weather has in store, and give it another clean with a pressure washer next year!


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