What to Consider When Buying a Pressure Washer

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What to Consider When Buying a Pressure Washer

Commercial pressure washers are effective at removing graffiti, paint, dust and other things on vehicles and surfaces. Different types of pressure washers are defined by their water pressure, water flow and cleaning unit. If you’re thinking of buying your first pressure washer, be sure to follow these tips.

Do your research

Make sure you know the different kinds of pressure washer. Generally, a propane or petrol powered pressure washer offers better mobility than an electric pressure washer, perfect for outdoor use. Electric pressure washers run quieter and don’t emit exhaust fumes, making them better suited to indoor jobs.

Make sure a ground fault interrupter is included

A ground fault interrupter will protect you from any possible electric shocks, so always make sure your pressure washer includes one.

Make sure you have the right water supply

You should always make sure your water supply matches the requirements specified by the pressure washer. An inadequate water supply may cause cavitation damage to the pressure washer. More often than not, a locally provided water flow is adequate, but it’s always best to check.

Choose the a pressure washer with the right parts

Only ever buy a pressure washer with the right parts for what your intentions. Different nozzles affect how water comes out of the pressure washer, and some cleaning projects require specific water coverage.

Make sure you’ll be able to buy replacement parts

Parts of your pressure washer will eventually need to be replaced, due to wear and tear, so it’s always a wise idea to buy a pressure washer with available spare parts. If you buy a model where it’s impossible or difficult to buy spare parts, your pressure washer will become extremely expensive and troublesome to repair.

Know the life expectancy of your pressure washer

The pumps of pressure washers all have a life expectancy. The benefit of buying a pressure washer that discloses this life expectancy is useful, as you’ll know when you need to buy a replacement.

Be aware of the type of drive system

Consider the drive systems of a pressure washer when you’re looking to buy. A belt drive system, for instance, is able to withstand daily use for a considerable period of time. This means it’s often recommended for daily, heavy-duty industrial use.

Always check the quality and length of the hose

A 7.5 metre pressure washer hose is often too short for many applications, so we recommend getting a hose of at least fifteen metres. A poor quality hose will easily break and is vulnerable to leakage, so make sure your hose comes with the right PSI rating to match the machine.


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