How to operate a domestic pressure washer safely

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How to operate a domestic pressure washer safely

Operating a pressure washer isn’t as complicated as you think, all you have to do is think about personal safety and follow the manufacturer’s instructions and you’ll soon be into the swing of things.Certain safety precautions have to be taken when you operate a power washer though, the last thing we want at Triace is our customers injuring themselves with cleaning equipment. Therefore, this blog is all about domestic pressure washers, it tells you how to use them and what to do to stay safe as you clean a path, a patio or anything you like!

Connect the hose – Okay first things first, make sure the hose is firmly attached to the pressure washer and the outside tap too. Quick click couplings are the best, you can get them from any gardening, hardware or DIY store.

Attach the wand – Next attach the wand to the washer, it screws into place, there’s not need to over-tighten just turn and twist until the lance can’t work its way loose.

Plug the washer in – Plug the domestic washer into a power supply, it’s a good idea to use a RCD at the same time to prevent power surges. You should be okay if your main distribution board has a circuit breaker fitted but a portable RCD gives you extra protection.

Turn the tap on – Open the tap to let water flood into the hose, you are nearly ready to start cleaning.

Turn the power on – Make sure the power at the plug is turned on and press the start button on the washer, you should hear it buzz into life.

Take a firm stance – Stand firmly, hold the spray gun in both hands and give the trigger a squeeze. Work your way carefully over the area you are cleaning, keeping hands and feet free from the blast of water.

User tips

  • Never aim the spray good at anyone or squirt water at people for fun, pressure washers are powerful and they should be treated with care.
  • Wear closed to footwear when using the washer, depending on what you are cleaning gloves and safety goggles might be useful too.
  • Never let children use high powered pressure washers for safety sake.
  • Take when you are unplugging the washer, never touch a plug with a wet hands.

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