3 tips for storing your pressure washer in the winter

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3 tips for storing your pressure washer in the winter

One thing many people over look when buying a pressure washer is how they’re going to store it in winter months. If it isn’t correctly stored away then it could become damaged as the weather changes.

To help, we’ve put together a quick guide on how to store your pressure washer in winter.

Gasoline – If your power washer is fuelled by gasoline then it’s important that you take preventive measures to avoid the gas clogging fuel lines. Add stabilizer according to manufacturer directions. Once you’ve done this, run the system and then shut down.

Remove all water – All the water and detergent that’s still in the system must be removed. Point the injection tube of the pressure washer into a bucket of clean water and run on a low pressure setting for 2 minutes. Turn off the engine and water supply. Squeeze the trigger to relieve trapped pressure and then disconnect all the attachments.

Pump saver – And lastly you should add a pump save that will stop moisture from forming in the pump and freezing. It also makes it easier to start the system after winter.

Why is it important? – Many people think that it’s fine to simply store their pressure washer in the garage or shed and leave it over winter.

Winterising it ensures that you’ll be able to make use of it for a much longer period. And there aren’t many manufacturers out there that cover damage caused by failing to winterise the system. Here at Triace we sell power washers for industrial use. With years and years of experience in the business you can expect quality from us, time and time again.

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