How you can make the most of your pressure washer

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How you can make the most of your pressure washer

When purchasing a pressure washer it’s important that you take time to read the instructions that came with it. Powerful pressure washers are dangerous when not used correctly, so take your time to get to know the piece of equipment you’ve just bought.

Here we’ve put together 6 tips to help you make the most out of your pressure washer.

Check all connections are secure – Before using the system make sure that the hose for water and air is secure. If it’s leaking then you aren’t getting the most from your pressure washer.

Don’t forget to make sure you’re connected to the power outlet if you’re using an electric washer too.

Keep your water source on – If your pressure washer attaches to a water source, make sure that source is turned completely on. You can adjust the pressure through the machine itself. Don’t try and alter it through the water source.

Pressure off – If you’re going to swap out different attachments, then you’re going to need to add them to the nozzle when the pressure washer is completely off and locked.

Hold the nozzle at an angle – When you’re using the pressure washer avoid pointing the nozzle directly at the item you’re cleaning. Hold it at an angle instead to wash dirt and debris off a surface instead of against the surface.

Protect items around you – Pressure washers are powerful. And if you’re using yours on a high psi setting then you need to make sure you’re protecting the items around you. If you’re washing in a garden for example, you need to be careful not to spray the plants. That’s a quick way to kill them.

Use up and down motions – When cleaning a surface start at the bottom and work your way upward. When you’ve reached the top, guide the spray back down the same area to rinse it all off. This should provide a much more thorough clean than other methods.


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