How to choose the right pressure washer

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How to choose the right pressure washer

Looking for a pressure washer to clean your car or patio? Need to blitz graffiti off the side of your building?

Choosing the right pressure washer can be difficult though. There are so many different types out there, which is best for the job you’re looking to complete?

We’re going to help you choose the pressure washer that’s best for you here.

Hot or cold?

Hot machines are best put to use where oil, grease or fat needs removing from a surface. The heat of the water will help melt and soften the dirt and debris attached to a surface making the removal of it much easier. When mixed with detergents a hot machine can make short work of any tough to remove stains.

A hot pressure washer does have a few downsides though. One is that some materials are affected by the heat. Wood for example would expand under such temperatures. They’re also heavier and more expensive.

Petrol, electric or diesel?

The reason professionals often opt in to using diesel or electric pressure washers is that they’re generally capable of working in most areas. Petrol washers are usually cheaper to purchase, easier to start and quieter than their diesel counterparts, but diesel are a much more economical choice.

Generally, though we’d suggest choosing an electric power washer. More economical than the other two, cheaper to service and usually powerful enough for most tasks they’re a competent all rounder.

The pump

If you’re planning to use the machine for over 2 hours a week then you should look into purchasing an industrial spec unit. The industrial units use a pump that has a slower RPM. That means that, in general, they outlast their cheaper counter parts.

After sales service

You don’t want to fork out a lot of money on a great pressure washer, get plenty of use out of it, it breaks and then have no one to turn to.

You might need advice on how to correctly use it too. That’s why when buying you should make sure the company you choose offer a comprehensive after sales service. Like we do here at Triace.

If you’re looking for the right pressure washer for your next job then just get in touch with us today and ask. With a huge stock and a wealth of experience working in the industry we can help you find the right washer for your job.


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