10 Amazingly Great Uses for Power Washers

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10 Amazingly Great Uses for Power Washers

Power washers have many uses, primarily they are used for cleaning outside areas, but you might be surprised at just how practical they are. Here we list some of the most common uses of high-pressure washers and give you a few suggestions if you are considering buying this type of equipment. 

Our top ten amazingly brilliant uses for a power washer include:

1.) Garden Fencing – Once the winter is over give your fencing a quick blast over with a washer to remove any unwanted dirt.

2.) Garage Doors – Say goodbye to grime that gets blown onto your garage doors, use a washer to create a clean uncluttered surface.

3.) Driveways – Remove oil stains and imprinted dirt in block paving – spend some time creating the perfect approach to your home.

4.) Barbecues – Cut through grease, fat deposits and unwanted traces of ash, leave that grill in perfect working order for the summer.

5.) Facias – Get rid of dirt, spider webs and deposits left by birds, pressure wash facias and soffits at lower levels.

6.) Patios or Decks – Transform your decking or bring a patio back to life, a quick once-over with a washer will soon have it looking like new.

7.) Outdoor Furniture – Ready for the spring? You will be if you pay a little attention to your outdoor furniture and give it a quick clean.

8.) Vehicles and Boats – Wash your car or clean your dinghy. A pressure washer makes light work of heavy cleaning duties.

9.) Garden Equipment – Blitz away grass, soil and garden dirt, clean mowers, hoes or spades with a pressure washer throughout the seasons.

10.) Wheelie Bin – Remove foul smells, rotten stenches and the festering waste that clings to the inside of your wheelie bin. Tip the bin on its side and give the inside a really good clean, it’ll look tons better and smell a whole lot healthier afterwards.

See, you can use a pressure washer in so many different ways and we have tons of them for you to choose here at Triace, simply contact us should you require more details.


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