Why you should get Dad a Pressure Washer for Christmas

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Why you should get Dad a Pressure Washer for Christmas

A pressure washer is one of the highest value and most versatile tools for anyone who’s into DIY. There are a number of uses for power washers that can save time and money, from cleaning exteriors of homes, to keeping vehicles and equipment clean. For a low cost, you could save your loved one tens or even hundreds of hours worth of chores a year.

Lower Water Bills

A pressure washer is able to clean more using less water than the conventional hose. This means that it takes less water for necessary chores like cleaning the windows or your car. Whether you’re environmentally conscious, or more conscious of your wallet, this means savings.

Cleaning Decks and Patios

Patios and decks are something that most people never consider cleaning, and years of dust, dirt, and gunk can make your deck or patio become unrecognizable without you even realizing it. While costly treatments and repairs can fix the problem, infrequent power washing is the simplest, easiest, and cleanest solution. One pressure washing can undo years of damage to your deck or patio, and leave it looking like the day it was installed.

Keeping the Exterior of Your House Clean Easily

It’s cheaper to maintain the paint or siding of your house than it is to repaint it or replace it more frequently. By pressure washing the side of your house, you help to maintain it by keeping it free of buildup from materials that may give it a dark, mucky color and damage the curb appeal of your property. As a bonus, a pressure washer allows you to clean additional, higher floors, from the ground level making the task easier and safer. A pressure washing with a little soap can give your home a sparkling clean look.

Cleaning Windows

Cleaning a window with a pressure washer gives windows a professionally cleaned appearance. A pressure watcher can easily reach second or even third floor windows from the ground level, making exterior window cleaning easier and safer. Never worry about an injury again.

Cleaning Cars and Vehicles

A pressure washer makes washing a car easy and quick. With a little bit of soap and wax, a pressure washer can achieve a professional result cleaning any car. A pressure washer also means that you can more easily clean built up materials like mud, oil, grease, or scum on your vehicle. Whether it’s your commuting car, family car, ATV, or boat, a pressure washer is the best way to clean your car.

Cleaning Outdoor Furniture

Everyone enjoys relaxing outdoors, whether it’s the sunrise or sunset, but they don’t enjoy old, dirty furniture that covers their clothes in dust and dirt. A pressure washer can easily clean most outdoor furniture and keep it looking like new. You’ll never have to replace a piece of outdoor furniture because it’s too dirty again.


People love barbecues, but they don’t love the mess that they create, or cleaning off weeks, months, or years of cooked on grime, gristle, and crust. Your guests will never admit that they don’t want to eat off a grimey grill either. While the job can be done with a little bit of elbow grease, a power washing will give your barbecue a fresh out of the factory look that will impress your guests and make them confident knowing how clean the barbecue their food was cooked on is.

Clean Fencing

If Mark Twain got anything right, it was that people don’t like maintaining their fences. A pressure washer means you can easily keep your fence clean, preserving the curb appeal of your home on the outside and the aesthetic appeal on the inside of your property. A power washing can make a fence easily look like new.

Make Painting and Sealing Easier

One of the most essential steps in the painting and sealing process is cleaning the surface that you’re working with. Power washing a car, house, piece of furniture, or any surface will leave it spotless and without any debris that’ll affect the finish of your paint or seal. This will make painting the house or a fence easier, and give decks, fences, or furniture a stronger seal that will keep them lasting long.

Cleaning the Driveway and Sidewalk

Nobody likes parking their clean, well-maintained cars and driveways that are dirty and stained by years of oil, grease, or dust. A hose doesn’t have the power to undo years of grime, but a power washer does. One power washing can leave your driveway or sidewalk looking freshly paved.


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