The do’s and don’ts of pressure washing

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The do’s and don’ts of pressure washing

Those new to pressure washing might be tempted to approach this process with all guns blazing, blitzing everything in sight with their high pressure wand. Care should be taken though if you haven’t used a pressure washer before, in the wrong hands this can be quite a lethal force.

Accidents and injuries caused through pressure washing are due to ignorance, they normally occur through a lack of due care.

Don’t fall victim to a high pressure incident, take the safe approach to cleaning and use this guidance for a safe and professional outcome.

Top pressure washing tips


Use protection

It doesn’t do any harm to wear protective gear whilst pressure washing, in fact, it’s a rather sensible idea. Eye protection, hand protection and rubber soled footwear such as wellington boots will keep sensitive parts of your body covered and help to prevent injuries caused by high pressure water.

Point the wand away from people

You might think it’s funny to try to squirt people with a pressure washer but the force of the water could do serious damage if it comes into contact with exposed skin. Point the wand away from people when you use the machine, keep it trained on the item you are cleaning.

Turn the machine off after use

Make sure the washer is shut down if you stop using it for a while, turn it off and unplug it if you are using an electric model for safety purposes. Children in particular would love to get their hands on this type of equipment, and an accident might occur as a result.


Use a diesel washer indoors

Never use a petrol or diesel washers in any environment where fumes and carbon monoxide could cause a problem. Exhaust gases need to dispel in well-ventilated areas, this is why you should never use a washer indoors.

Kink the pressure washer hose

When using a pressure washer always ensure the hose attachment is free from bends, kinks and knots, any blockage could prevent the washer from working properly and create a danger at the same time. Get into the habit of laying the wand out straight prior to completing any work.

Use a washer to spray weed killer

Only use industry approved detergents with your pressure washer. Avoid spraying toxic liquids such as insecticides and weed killers with a washer, that’s not what they are designed for.


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