Key Principles to Choose the Best Workbench

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Key Principles to Choose the Best Workbench

The quality of the master’s work is determined not by his professionalism only, but by his tools and equipment as well. Most parts and materials should be processed on the table, and of course, it is better to have a special workbench for these works. Usually, men consider their workbench a holy of holies, striving to make it convenient and well-ordered.

The main types

Modern workbenches can be divided into three types: carpentry, metalwork and universal models. The last group is designed to work both with wood and metal. Although there are some models which are able to transform and are also considered universal. The other workbenches are quite specific. The table intended for locksmith operations usually has a metal or is covered with metal tabletop, whereas their carpentry’s counterparts are mostly equipped with wooden or MDF desktops.

In fact, metalwork tables can be used for wood and can be considered universal. What concerns the carpenter’s bench, it is not convenient and reliable for metal parts. The wooden coating absorbs oil from metal details and metal chips can stick in it, damaging the surface. Besides, carpentry’s benches are less durable so they can be dangerous for a locksmith, especially if the processed parts are large and hard, creating high pressure on the desktop.
Important tips to choose a matching workbench

Before choosing a workbench in the Triace catalogue, you should decide what operations it is intended for. If you are a jack of all trades, choose a universal durable model But it is noteworthy to admit that even the most durable bench requires careful treatment. Both wooden and metal materials do not resist continuous excessive humidity and proximity to heating devices. In addition, do not forget to take care of the surface, cleaning it from metalwork and wooden waste.

If your workshop is small or you share it with the garage, take it into account. Take a look at the small ergonomic models or transformers which can be folded and stored somewhere in the corner.

Another important nuance is the weight of the materials to be processed. Different workbench models have different weight limits. Some benches for home use withstand not more than 100 kg loads. The other industrial models have a capacity of 1000 kg or even more. But remember, that the lower the permissible level, the more mobile a workbench is. If you’ve got used to change the location of your workspace, a heavy-duty bench can become a problem.
Visit Triace online catalogue and you will notice that workbench functions doesn’t lie on its desktop only. You can make it a perfect place to store your tools, consumables and equipment. Triace shop provides perfect workbenches with roomy drawers and other add-ons that allow you to keep the most important things at hand. If you have a lot of tools or if they are constantly lost, such work is the only way to solve the problem. Sealey benches can be equipped with one or several pedestals with different arrangements of shelves and drawers.

It would be also very convenient to equip your working space with a back panel, having both protective and storing functions. Such a panel will shield the wall behind a workbench from damages. Besides, numerous perforations in it are very convenient for storing tools and equipment. You can also mount different shelves, holders or hooks for screwdrivers, wrenches, tape measures and other accessories.
Final thought

For most men, a workbench is not just a table for processing details. A workbench is a “heart” of men’s creativity, self-fulfilment and pride. It is a place where inspiration comes, giving relaxation and satisfaction. That is why Sealey workbenches are extremely popular in private workshops and at enterprises as well. They are well-known for their durability and convenience.

Triace online shop offers the most popular Sealey workbenches which will serve you for decades. If you still doubt about the model you need, please, feel free to contact our managers to make the right choice.

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