Our quick guide to pressure washing your decking

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Our quick guide to pressure washing your decking

If you have decking, then you’ll know it can quickly pick up dirt, grime and slime. But cleaning it can be a tough job, even more so when there’s a lot of decking to cover. A pressure washer can help make the whole process a lot quicker. But if done incorrectly it could damage your decking too.

Here we’re going to give you a few tips to help you wash your decking without causing any damage.

Choosing the pressure washer

If you choose the wrong pressure washer it could seriously damage the wood on your decking, so it’s important you take your time picking one out.

Your first hurdle will be whether you should buy an electric unit or petrol. The latter tends to be more powerful, but for this purpose, a lot of power isn’t required. So electric is often the most popular choice, especially if renting.

The PSI you choose is also important. Wood is easily damaged if the PSI is too high, but with the right nozzle and correct technique you should be fine. You should also look for a cold water pressure washer. Hot water will expand the wood, which is never good.


For an effective clean you’re going to have to use chemicals. There are different options on the market, each doing a different job so you’ll have to look closely at the labels and decide which a best fits your requirements.

Some include:

Bleach – This is the perfect option if you’re looking to kill mould and brighten the deck, but it isn’t ideal for a deep clean.

Detergents – These are designed to loosen dirt from the surface meaning that it can easily be washed away after. Detergents are often combined with bleach for a complete clean.

All-in-one – These will probably the best choice for domestic use as they use a combination of chemicals to offer a complete clean. Professionals however will be more likely to mix their own chemicals together.


When washing your deck be sure to work within a manageable area so that the chemical doesn’t dry before getting towards that part of the deck. You can then make your way across it in sections. You should make sure you wash with the grain rather than against it too.

Using the wrong technique, pressure washer or chemicals to clean your decking could do more damage than good, so be sure to take your time. And read all labels thoroughly to ensure that you’re safe.


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