If you deal with production, associated with processing, cutting and other works,a power band saw is an essential unit for you. It provides an excellentopportunity to cut various materials, including non-ferrous and ferrous metals,cast iron and stainless steel. A good band saw is even capable to cut such hardalloys as nickel, titanium, structural steel, as well as high-alloyed ones.However, these machines are also used for operations with plastic, wood,composite materials. The equipment is successfully used in furnitureproduction, cutting both large thick boards and small parts.

Operation principles

As a rule, a power band saw operates due to a belt, located between two flywheels.When the machine is turned on, the belt is set in motion and an operator canload the material for cutting. Modern industrial band saws make precise cuts, due to anequivalent pressure distribution in the working process.

Since the motion and pressure are invariably directed to the desktop, there is norisk of recoil and ejection towards the operator. For this reason, the mastersusually prefer a band saw to a circular one.

The main advantages

Modern market offers a range of similar machines and tools, but the band sawsdefinitely have a number of advantages:

  • Makes possible to carry out a wide variety of cuts for details that are up to 400 millimeters thick;
  • Allows to handle the most difficult tasks;
  • A band saw can be used for curved sawing;
  • In the course of work, a minimum of waste is formed and the cut itself is even and clean and does not require any grinding;
  • A band saw has a small footprint. Moreover, special ergonomic models are perfect for small workshops and private garages. They are easy to install and don’t require special lifting equipment;
  • A high-quality band saw produces very little noise, bringing no discomfort to theoperator and other workers. This feature is essential if the workshop is locatedin the residential area.

How to choose a perfect band saw

So, what kind of band sawing equipment to choose? The answer depends on the material to be cut and operation conditions. We will give you the main pointsto pay attention to before choosing a machine.

  • Choose a band saw according to the type of material to be processed. For example, carbon saw matches steel, carbide material is good work working with cast iron, titanium and nickel.
  • Another important characteristic is the drive power and speed control. If you buy a band saw for your household needs, 300-500 W is quite enough. More powerful devices (1000 W and more) are excellent for workshops, small and average production. Concerning the speed control, it is a perfect feature for both home units and industry.
  • Manual or automatic control. With manual control, the operator lifts the cutting frame and clamps the material or part in a vice. In the case of automatic control, the program is set, making all the process free from human involvement.
  • The degree of frame/table/vice rotation is an important and very convenient feature to make your production more efficient.
  • Cooling function helps to lower the temperature during the process feeding water emulsion to the place of the greatest friction. An additional advantage of the cooling feature is that the filings and waste are washed away and not spreadfar from the production area.
  • Automaticstop is also essential for all the types of band saws.
  • Final Thought

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