Triace 280 Bar 1200mm Complete Lance with Non Swivel Trigger Gun

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Triace 280 Bar 1200mm Complete Lance with Non Swivel Trigger Gun

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Triace 280 Bar 1200mm Complete Lance with Non Swivel Trigger Gun

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The Triace shop offers a huge assortment of tools, equipment and accessories for all branches of industry and services. We sell products of the most reputable world brands such as Sealey, Hawk, Honda, Siegen, Interpump as well as Triace Ltd’s own equipment, which are built to endure the most arduous working conditions. [expand title=" Read more"] Triace pressure washers are manufactured mainly to service the Irish Market. We believe the Irish Market to be among the most demanding in the World and necessitates the use of products that are heavier duty, designed to run longer days and deliver more performance than most other equipment and we have been manufacturing Pressure washers etc for almost 40 years since we started in 1981. The lifespan of any pump or powerwasher greatly depends on several items all of which interact. For example, if you intend to use dirty or contaminated water then you might as well purchase the cheapest option available to you as it certainly will not last. We normally fit two separate water filters to our machines but even these cannot protect a pressure washer pump if, for example, you intend to suck the water from a river or stream. Clean settled filtered water is necessary for a long life pump. We use, Speck, Cat, Hawk, Annovi and Danau pumps simply because they are the best available and where possible we will offer machines using the maximum performance combination of flow in litres and pressure in Bar/Psi. All the pressure in the world is useless to wash if not accompanied by a sufficient flow of water. Ditto, we mainly use genuine Honda gasoline Engines on our engine-driven machines which usually carry a 2-year warranty. Where possible we will use 1450 rpm pumps as their lifespan will be expected to be twice that of a 3000rpm motor or machine. The next best of Chinese manufactured engines is Loncin and we use Loncin in our Budget range of machines. Electric motors are sourced from Ravel in Italy and are all 1450rpm. Switchgear is sourced from Schneider and no Computerised boards are used, simply because they are not reliable. Triace specialists make the washers mobile and easily moved for your convenience, or they can also be installed as Static wall or floor mount units. They can also be fitted away from the washing area and piped in stainless steel to as many washing points as necessary and start/stop, Time out, or Total stop can be fitted usually in low voltage 24v devices switchgear. The washers are kept as reliable as physically possible by only using quality components and never fitting frilly unnecessary extras which will cost the customer in servicing and repairs in the long run. All machines can be fitted with accessories to apply disinfectants, detergents or chemicals and where possible these will be picked up after the pump. Triace pressure washers can be divided into several types: Electric 2hp-500hp 80bar/1100psi to 1500bar/21000psi 10litres/minute-900litres/minute Gasoline & Diesel Engine driven machines to cover the same performances as Electric. Tractor driven units for agriculture where electricity is not available Specialised Units for saltwater Specialised units with hot water diesel/kerosene fuelled burners Units to pump pre-heated water How to choose the correct pressure washer. If all you are ever going to do is wash your car every second week then almost any pressure washer will be sufficient. If however your usage is going to be perhaps 8hours at a time or you have a large area to power wash then it should be obvious that you need a larger and more robust machine to cope with its use. Will there be more than one operative. Do you need disinfectant or detergent application, do you need hot water? How critical is the timely washing cycle as in does your food production area have to be washed daily or re animal health will the machine be expected to work 8 hours a day six days a week. In the last 38 years, we have built machines to wash Show Cattle 1100psi @ 11litres per minute and to wash Bulk Cement Tankers with 42 turbo nozzles, 2000psi @ 450 litres per minute so to be blunt, we know our business and we will be delighted to give solid advice. It is very frustrating to see the wrong machine being purchased for an application and advice is free. Some important tips from our specialists Always check the water filter’s condition and all oil levels. Change the oil at least once a year and drain the fuel before the period of long-term storage. When first operating, study the user manual carefully or contact a specialist. Keep the suction hoses in a straight position, and check that there are no air holes in the suction hose. Our online shop gives you a perfect opportunity to purchase all the tools, machines and accessories in one place. If you need a pump just for the transfer of water, sewage or diesel, we can offer you an extensive range of models for both households and professional use. All products provided in our store are certified and meet all European quality and safety standards. So, look through our catalogue and choose wisely. If you have some doubts, please contact us and our managers will give you professional advice completely free. Our company also provides free delivery for orders over €399. [/expand]


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