Interpump Group is one of the largest manufacturers producing high-pressure piston pumps, which operates internationally in the hydraulic sector. Its history began in 1977 in Italy with high-pressure plunger pumps production. Thanks to felicitous management and the introduction of innovative materials the company designed more compact, easy to handle and quiet pumps. As a result in a few years, Interpump Group has become the largest manufacturer of high-pressure plunger pumps in the world. Since that time Interpump has introduced many radical innovations, which became a new benchmark which made it the world leader in the market. The pumps developed and manufactured by Interpump are compact, controllable and silent, configured to facilitate the replacement of spare parts. Meanwhile, the truly unique and revolutionary breakthrough was the use of ceramic pistons, which increased the lifespan and reliability of the pump in comparison with stainless steel. Today a wide range of car wash services use high-pressure pumps manufactured by Interpump. All equipment components are made of high-quality materials, thoroughly and systematically tested at every stage of production. The assembly is carried out with maximum accuracy so that the finished product withstands the most intensive wear in severe industrial conditions. If you opt for the Interpump unit, you will definitely get a long effective operation period with minimal risks. The cost of these products is completely justified: you’ll have no need to spend money on repairs, broken and worn elements. Our online shop gives you the perfect opportunity to choose the best Italian pump for your business or private tasks. If used properly, this device will serve you for decades. Please note that Interpump plunger pumps are not constructed for pumping potentially hazardous liquids such as explosive, toxic and flammable substances. If you still have some questions, please feel free to call us.