The Hawk brand is world-famous for high-pressure plunger pumps, as well as accessories for this product. The pump materials are extremely durable with excellent operational features. The manufacturer uses brass, stainless steel, cast iron with a nickel-plated surface. About a decade ago Leuco S.p.A (the owner of the Hawk brand) merged with Kärcher corporation to develop and produce equipment complying with the latest world standards.

The Hawk pumps are an ideal solution for vehicle wash due to their exceptional quality. They can be also used to clean exterior surfaces of buildings, walls, gates, garbage containers, sidewalks etc. The Hawk pumps can be installed in fire-fighting systems. There are more than 130 pump models produced under the Hawk brand and the manufacturers are always searching for new ideas and solutions to create new high-tech equipment. Our catalogue provides a wide range of Hawk equipment to satisfy the demand of every customer. The company creates its products according to all the possible spheres of use. So, the tandem with other components of the brand can guarantee the ideal result.

Key benefits of the Hawk pumps

The equipment is made of durable metals and ceramics, providing a long operating period;
A low-speed 4-pole engine ensures stable operation;
A by-pass valve is equipped with a pressure controller, so you can choose a matching value according to your needs;
A metal plate protects the device from mechanical stresses;
There is also an overheat protection switch provided, which guarantees the safety of both equipment and operator;
The design provides an input filter cleaning, excluding any impurities inside.
Please note that high-pressure Hawk pumps are not suitable for pumping toxic or explosive liquids as well as hot water more than 65°C. When connecting the device to an electric engine, make sure that the power doesn’t exceed the indicated values. Before first using your pump, please, consult the user manual or contact a specialist.