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  1. Junior Cabinet
    €0.00 €0.00
  2. Triace Pressure Washer Detergent Filter with Check Valve
    €6.46 €5.25
  3. Triace Mini Hot
    €3,013.50 €2,450.00
  4. Triace Twin Axle Yanmar Hot Cube
    €17,835.00 €14,500.00
  5. Triace Trailer Bowser 13hp Honda Petrol
    €7,378.77 €5,999.00
  6. Triace Trailer Bowser Yanmar Diesel
    €8,548.50 €6,950.00
  7. Triace 10hp Yanmar Diesel
    €3,997.50 €3,250.00
  8. Triace Loncin Diesel
    €1,838.85 €1,495.00
  9. Triace 13hp Interpump Gearbox drive
    €2,429.25 €1,975.00
  10. Triace 13hp Hawk Gearbox drive
    €2,453.85 €1,995.00
  11. Triace 13hp Hawk Gearbox drive
    €2,398.50 €1,950.00
  12. Triace 13hp Annovi Reverberi Gearbox drive
    €2,453.85 €1,995.00
  13. Triace 13hp Annovi Reverberi Gearbox drive
    €2,398.50 €1,950.00
  14. Triace 6.5hp Hawk Gearbox
    €1,309.95 €1,065.00
  15. Triace 6.5hp Annovi Reverberi Gearbox Drive
    €1,273.05 €1,035.00
  16. Triace 3WZ-3000A
    €817.95 €665.00
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Triace shop offers a huge assortment of tools, equipment and accessories for all the branches of industry and services. We sell products of the most reputable world brands such as Sealey, Hawk, Honda, Siegen, Interpump as well as Triace, which are not inferior in quality to world brands.

Triace pressure washers are manufactured for pumping large volumes of water. The lifespan of your washer greatly depends on the internal combustion engine. That is why Triace units include the best parts possible, being powered by Hawk, Honda, Interpump or Annovi Reverberi engines. Triace specialists make their washers mobile for your convenience. The devices are equipped with a durable trolley. The washers are characterized by a wide range of applications: irrigation, agriculture, fire-fighting, drainage, municipal and car washing services. The main advantage of these pumps lies in their performance. The units require minimal maintenance in combination with small dimensions and low weight, as well as with exceptional reliability and durability.

Triace pressure washers can be divided into several types:

  • Pumps for clean water
  • Pumps for polluted water
  • Units for salt water
  • High pressure water pumps

There are also petrol, diesel and electric pumps, which can be chosen according to your needs and preferences.

How to choose

If you are going to irrigate small areas, you can choose low power devices. If it is necessary to supply a cottage, the average pump capacity should be in range off 500 - 800 litres per minute with at least 20-35 meters jet. More powerful pump is required to drain the septic tank or a pool. Take into account that petrol models have lower cost than their diesel counterparts. They also produce less noise and have higher engine power. However, fuel consumption in such units can be high. The diesel pumps are more expensive and noisy. But they can be used continuously and consume less fuel.

Some important tips from our specialists

  • Always check the filter condition and the oil level.
  • Change the oil and drain the fuel before the period of long-term storage.
  • When first operating, study the user manual carefully or contact a specialist.
  • Keep the hoses in straight position, and check that there are no air plugs in the hose supplying liquid.

Our online shop gives you a perfect opportunity to purchase all the tools, machines and accessories in one place. If you need a water pump – we can offer you an extensive range of models for both households and professional use. All products provided in our store are certified and meet all European quality and safety standards. So, look through our catalogue and choose.

If you have some doubts, please contact us and our managers will give you professional advice completely free. Our company also provides free delivery for orders over €399.