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  1. Clamping Kit 58pc
    €152.95 €124.35
  2. Collet MT3-M12 Ø4mm
    €32.23 €26.20
  3. Collet MT3-M12 Ø6mm
    €33.03 €26.85
  4. Collet MT3-M12 Ø8mm
    €33.76 €27.45
  5. Collet MT3-M12 Ø10mm
    €35.30 €28.70
  6. Collet MT3-M12 Ø12mm
    €36.84 €29.95
  7. Collet MT3-M12 Ø14mm
    €38.38 €31.20
  8. Collet MT3-M12 Ø16mm
    €39.91 €32.45
  9. Clamping Kit 42pc
    €219.80 €178.70
  10. Collet Set MT3-M12 Ø4-16mm
    €245.94 €199.95
  11. HSS End Mill Ø4mm 2 Flute
    €15.62 €12.70
  12. HSS End Mill Ø6mm 2 Flute
    €17.34 €14.10
  13. HSS End Mill Ø8mm 2 Flute
    €20.73 €16.85
  14. HSS End Mill Ø10mm 2 Flute
    €23.80 €19.35
  15. HSS End Mill Ø12mm 2 Flute
    €28.41 €23.10
  16. HSS End Mill Ø14mm 2 Flute
    €33.76 €27.45
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Items 1-16 of 21

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The metalworking equipment that is used in most British and Irish enterprises is extremely durable and operates for decades. But even the most high-tech equipment is subject to wear and tear. The machines often require parts and consumables replacement depending on the usage intensity. Our shop offers an extensive range of spare parts for drilling and milling machines at reasonable prices. The choice of milling cutter depends on two basic factors: the material to be processed and the operation type to be performed. There are various milling operations: milling of ledges, grooves, end and profile milling. The processed materials are divided into six main groups: cast iron, steel, super-hard steel, stainless steel, aluminium alloys. The maximum productivity is achieved when using a mill with the smallest thread pitch. If the material is hard, it is better to use mills with reinforced edge. Depending on the working conditions and the type of equipment, it is necessary to choose the option that will ensure the highest labour productivity. Our specialists will help you choose the best consumables for your milling and grinding machine.