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  1. Swivel Base for USV200 Vice
    €53.01 €43.10
  2. Drill Vice Super 100mm Jaw
    €140.65 €114.35
  3. Drill Vice Super 120mm Jaw
    €227.49 €184.95
  4. Metal Cutting Shears 4mm Capacity 10mm Round
    €199.81 €162.45
  5. Metal Cutting Shears 5mm Capacity 11mm Round
    €216.73 €176.20
  6. Metal Cutting Shears 6mm Capacity 13mm Round
    €248.28 €201.85
  7. Measuring Tool Set 6pc
    €42.25 €34.35
  8. Precision Steel Square Set 4pc
    €87.58 €71.20
  9. Precision Steel Square 100mm
    €23.80 €19.35
  10. Precision Steel Square 150mm
    €34.56 €28.10
  11. Turning Set 6pc 10 x 10mm
    €66.05 €53.70
  12. Drilling Machine Work Grip 230mm
    €46.06 €37.45
  13. Tap & Die Set 40pc Metric
    €86.04 €69.95
  14. Tap & Die Set 40pc Split Dies Metric
    €89.11 €72.45
  15. Tap & Die Set 28pc Split Dies Metric
    €93.73 €76.20
  16. Tap & Die Set 45pc Split Dies Imperial
    €261.31 €212.45
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Items 1-16 of 249

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Set Descending Direction
It’s not a secret that the productive and effective work in our workshop and garage depends on the quality and convenience of tools and equipment. Construction, car repairs, garden works are impossible without specialized tools simplifying our tasks. Luckily enough modern technologies allow us minimizing efforts and improve our work with the help of instruments. Triace shop offers an extensive range of tools for all the types of work. The main advantage of our online store is that you can buy everything you need in one place, focusing on the assortment presented in the catalogue. With all the necessary hand and electric tools you will definitely cope with any repair and construction tasks. Our catalogue contains famous brands: Sealey, Siegen, Triace, Hawk etc. All products in our shop are extremely durable and of the highest quality.