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  1. Air Tool Oil 1ltr Pack of 12
    €171.40 €139.35
  2. Air Tool Oil 500ml Pack of 12
    €112.18 €91.20
  3. Air Tool Oil 500ml
    €12.30 €10.00
  4. Compressor Oil 1ltr Pack of 12
    €199.81 €162.45
  5. Compressor Oil 5ltr
    €69.13 €56.20
  6. Compressor Oil Fully Synthetic 1ltr
    €62.98 €51.20
  7. Compressor Oil Fully Synthetic 5ltr
    €238.25 €193.70
  8. Neat Cutting Oil 5ltr
    €75.28 €61.20
  9. Soluble Cutting Oil 5ltr
    €76.81 €62.45
  10. Screw Compressor Oil 1ltr
    €15.31 €12.45
  11. Screw Compressor Oil 5ltr
    €66.05 €53.70
  12. Grease Cartridge 400g Box of 12
    €75.28 €61.20
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Compressors are devices which produce compressed air. Most types of compressors can’t function without proper oil. A good lubricant is the main factor influencing the working capacity of the whole installation, the details of which are in constant interaction with each other. Oil lubricates compressor parts and in turn doesn’t allow their overheating. Besides, oils are important for sealing the air compression chamber. Since compressor oil is used in different industries and for different types of compressors, there are several types of them.

  • Oil for piston-type compressors. In such units the oil is used for lubrication of the pistons and cylinders and is in direct contact with the compressed gas. The gas a high temperature, as well as specific composition and properties. Therefore the requirements for this lubricant are very strict.
  • Oil for screw compressors. Screw compressors can be oil-free and with oil injection. They are both equipped with screw rotor, but oil-injected compressors provide a greater compression ratio, feature a simplified mechanical design, higher efficiency and reliability.