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  1. Compressor 150ltr Belt Drive 3hp with Cast Cylinders 1280rpm
    €1,568.19 €1,274.95
  2. Adjustable Hook & Pin Wrench Set 11pc
    €165.99 €134.95
  3. Impact Socket 17mm 1/2"Sq Drive
    €7.07 €5.75
  4. Nylon Hammer Face, Soft/Grey for NFH15
    €6.89 €5.60
  5. TIG Welder Power Control for TIG160HF, TIG161HFACDC
    €249.01 €202.45
  6. High Efficiency Carbon Fibre Infrared Patio Heater 1800W/230V with Telescopic Floor Stand
    €325.89 €264.95
  7. Power Tool Bits Slotted 4mm Colour-Coded S2 75mm 3pc
    €8.61 €7.00
  8. Sharpening Wheel for SMS2004
    €11.19 €9.10
  9. Hex Key Set 8pc T-Handle Metric
    €61.44 €49.95
  10. Professional Trolley Jack 3tonne Super Rocket Lift
    €316.66 €257.45
  11. Transmission Jack 1tonne Vertical
    €661.06 €537.45
  12. Transmission Jack 1tonne Vertical
    €791.75 €643.70
  13. Transmission Jack 1tonne Vertical Quick Lift
    €907.06 €737.45
  14. Drill Vice Super 100mm Jaw
    €140.65 €114.35
  15. Trolley Jack 1.5tonne Short Chassis
    €58.36 €47.45
  16. Trolley Jack 2tonne Low Entry
    €104.49 €84.95
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Items 1-16 of 7135

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Sealey Tools is one of the largest suppliers of tools and equipment for workshops and service station in the United Kingdom. The company has more than 30 years of experience in this sphere. Its products are represented in most countries of the European Union and are positioned as professional tools.
The assortment of Sealey tools totals more than 6500 items. All the equipment and accessories are designed for professional use, meeting all the requirements and standards. The company constantly conducts independent quality audit to control the products. All the items undergo intensive tests in order to get into the range of Sealey Tools.

All the Sealey products are certified in accordance with European standards applicable for certain groups (GS/TUV, DIN, etc.) The tools also have a European CE mark.
The company provides an extensive range of products including Vehicle Service Tools, Garage, Workshop, Engineering, Agricultural etc. The company invests significant funds in quality control, relevant equipment and team. Sealey strives to enrich the assortment of tools and equipment meeting or exceeding international standards.

Sealey pumps are extremely powerful tools, which are used to supply or move away large volume of water. Such devices are indispensable in agriculture, fire-fighting, flood control, rescue operations, washing services etc. The units are compact but powerful. For example, a water pump with patrol engine weighs 27 kg, but has a motor power of about 5.5 hp with a maximum output of 600 ltr/min. Sealey pump is an efficient and economical tool with recoil staring. It is perfect in cases when main power is not available. It is fitted into frame with rubber resistant covers. The durable frame also prevents accidental damage. The Sealey pumps are ideal for municipal and road services, car services and gardens. The built-in powerful 4-stroke engine provides efficiency and productivity. The system of forced cooling doesn’t allow overheating of innards. Although all Sealey equipment is professional, the devices are user-friendly and can be used and maintained by beginners.

Besides, if you have a fountain or a pool in your garden, the specialists of our shop will help you to choose the best submersible water pump. Everyone knows that a purl of water perfectly fights stress and relieves fatigue. So, if you have even a small piece of water in your disposal – make it live with a murmuring fountain. The pools can be of different sizes and depth, that is why a pump should be properly selected. First of all, you should determine the water jet height. If it is about meter, you should choose the device which pumps about 800 litres per hour. If you need a higher jet – choose more powerful pumps. Besides, pay attention to the hose diameter, as too narrow hose will lead to hydraulic losses and will result in energy overconsumption.

If you have some technical questions, please contact our team to get all the necessary information about the products we provide. Our specialists will offer you the best water pump for your individual conditions and requirements. Call us if you need some help.