Pressure Washers

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  1. Triace NLT2525 Tractor PTO Pressure Washer with NLT2525 Hawk Pump (540/1000 RPM) Heavy-Duty Farm & Equipment Cleaning | Pressure Gauge, Gun, 1200mm Lance
    As low as €1,100.85 €895.00
  2. Triace Speedclean Hot & Cold Electric Pressure Washer with Hose and Gun Diesel Powered Burner | High-Pressure, Full Control Cleaning | Professional-Grade Use
    As low as €3,628.50 €2,950.00
  3. Triace ACE Compact Electric Pressure Washer Portable, Heavy-Duty Home or Commercial Use | Trigger Gun, 900mm Lance, 10m Hose | 2-Wheeled Chassis
    As low as €1,414.50 €1,150.00
  4. Triace 21" Rotary Surface Cleaner with Trigger Gun for Pressure Washer.
    €596.55 €485.00
  5. Triace 30ft 1/4" R2 M22 for Karcher Fitting Pressure Washers
    €84.81 €68.95
  6. Triace 60ft 1/4" R2 FEM/FEM Hose for Pressure Washers
    €120.54 €98.00
  7. Triace 60ft 3/8" R2 FEM/FEM Hose for Pressure Washers
    €142.07 €115.50
  8. Triace 24" Rotary Surface Cleaner with Trigger Gun for Pressure Washer
    €627.30 €510.00
  9. Triace 5.4M Extendable Aluminium Pressure Washer Lance with Trigger Gun and Belt
    €202.95 €165.00
  10. Triace Nozzle Protector
    €3.74 €3.04
  11. Triace SP30 3/8" Male Nipple M22 Thread
    €6.46 €5.25
  12. Triace SP30 3/8" Male Coupling M22 Thread
    €15.41 €12.53
  13. Triace 3/8" HP Quick Release Coupling
    €22.98 €18.68
  14. Triace 3/8" HP Quick Release Nipple
    €9.47 €7.70
  15. Triace 3/8" 05 Drain Nozzle (8 Rear Jets 1 Forward)
    €46.73 €37.99
  16. Triace 1/4" 045 Drain Nozzle (3 Rear Jets 1 Forward)
    €31.12 €25.30
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Power Washers & Pressure Washers

We’ve established a huge range of pressure washers that meets the needs of businesses, farms and industry across Ireland - and our reputation for exceptional performance and reliability means you’re assured robust construction and all the power you need to tackle even the dirtiest jobs. Whether you’re looking for small portable power washers, high-power trailer units or a completely custom washer to meet your specific needs, choose Triace for the very best solution.

Browse through our selection of pressure washers below and you’ll find electric, petrol and diesel washers, portable, static or mountable power washers, plus fully branded forecourt washers too. Compare our pressure washers to the competition and you’ll see that Triace washers have the power and versatility to save you time and money on any cleaning job, making our washers some of the best value in Ireland.

If you can’t see a pressure washer that meets your specific requirements, talk to one of our team today about our custom-built pressure washers - and take a quick look at our dedicated Custom section to see just a sample of our recent bespoke installations. We’ll be happy to discuss the design and manufacture of any type of power washers with you - from static truck gantries to mobile washers that utilise Triace’s revolutionary Speedclean concept for rapid cleaning without compromise.

Pressure Washer Specialists
You can order any of our standard units right here on the site through our secure shopping process, or visit our Contact page now if you’d like to discuss your needs for pressure washers with one of our specialists.

The pressure washers are designed to tackle a variety of tasks where more conventional equipment is just not enough to perform the task at hand. You can remove dust, dirt and other unwanted stuff from your yard, patio, vehicle surface and many other places in a quick and effortless manner. This is especially useful if you’ve got heavy pollution to cope with – the water flow will cut the dirt layer into smaller pieces that are way easier to remove. The pressure washers presented in our catalog are designed for use with a variety of accessories that allow to customize the equipment for a particular purpose. For instance, changing nozzles allows you to reduce the angle and increase the power of the stream. Another feature that makes these appliances desirable in every household is that they are easy to transport and can be used anywhere on your property. Large water tank allows for consistent use. The hose and other components that are subject to pressure are produced from top grade materials with the use of the latest achievements in the field of engineering to ensure safe operation over the long term of service. You can also pick a pressure washer that allows use of a detergent in a water flow with the right nozzle choice. If you are tired of all the cleaning routines you have to do on your property, this is exactly the solution you need. Save time and effort with our top rated pressure washers catalog! We have chosen appliances produced by the world’s leading manufacturers for you to pick from. Please keep in mind that these machines operate high pressure which brings certain hazards to its use and requires the operator to be careful when using them. You can consult our experts regarding all matters that involve use of a pressure washer in your household.